June 7th, 2008

Racial Question

In Montpellier there is a large community of Algerians, Moroccans and Kurds.

When you hear the French talk about them they are generally referred to as "Arabs."

On the other hand when you hear British or Americans talk about them, they are usually called "North Africans" or "Blacks."

Which of the three do you think is correct usage?

I think "Arabs" is wrong, because I think a lot of Kurds come from what was once Persia. "North Africans" seems wrong as well since I'm not convinced it's geographically accurate. And "Blacks" just doesn't scope with me, because their skin tone is that of any White American dude after a few weeks at the beach.

Before you flame me - yes I know it's weird to speak of any group in generalized terms. However, this is a group of people that comes up in conversation quite a bit and I'd like to use the most accurate term possible.


On the way to the bar tonight I saw a dude wearing a T-shirt that read "I'm Muslim And I Think."

I can't say exactly why, but I thought it was a cool shirt.


There's a moment about two thirds of the way through "Patience" when the guitar has been quiet for a couple seconds and then Slash hits the chord really hard that is one of my favorite moments in rock and roll.

Bathtub Cheese

Mexican immigrants in California are apparently making their own bootleg cheese.

This illegal cheese is causing a tuberculosis epidemic.

So, if you live in California - don't eat any underground cheese with your Mexican neighbors.

The tacos are tempting, but just not worth the risk.