June 6th, 2008

Update On The Hotel Thing

So, my stepmom sent me an email saying that she thought the hotel I booked her and my dad into looked like a "college dorm room."

I sent this response:

Dad and Mom

It's a four star hotel.

Do you have any idea how much it makes me feel like shit when I am so broke I'm wondering if I can afford meat this weekend and you guys are telling me that a 150 euro (i.e $240) a night hotel is too "inexpensive" for you.

This is the link to the hotel


It's the third best hotel in the city.

The first best hotel is the sofitel but that place is almost 300 euros (i..e. $500) a night, which is crazy.

It's a two minute walk from the Mecure (where I've booked you into) to the Comedie and a four minute walk to my apartment.

I'm not sure why you think it looks like a college dorm. Perhaps you clicked on a bad link.

But, seriously, I''m broke. If you are wealthy enough to afford really expensive hotel rooms can I please borrow $500 bucks from you, because I could fucking use it.

I'll pay you back when you are here.



DEPW (4:47:44 PM): my shrink said that starting tuesday we are going to start doing exercises to "protect" me when my parents are here
Rome Girl (4:47:55 PM): wtf, like harry potter
DEPW (4:48:21 PM): she asked me what my plan to protect myself was when they are here and I said "ask navaro for valium" and she said "we can do better than that."
Rome Girl (4:48:37 PM): how about we go away on vacation while they're here
Rome Girl (4:48:43 PM): we take the barge, they stay in town
DEPW (4:49:24 PM): lol
DEPW (4:49:59 PM): hey, this trip could be a big breakthrough for me if handled properly
Rome Girl (4:50:20 PM): she'll be on speed dial
Rome Girl (4:50:27 PM): maybe she can come along and meet them with us
DEPW (4:50:31 PM): lol
Rome Girl (4:50:46 PM): i want to set up ground rules, too
Rome Girl (4:51:25 PM): no getting drunk; call julia when you need to; take your pills BEFORE you feel anxious and weird; take more pills than you should; i'm sure i could think of more
DEPW (4:51:44 PM): give you a facial every morning before we meet them
Rome Girl (4:52:00 PM): i love facials! manicure and pedicure, too?
DEPW (4:52:06 PM): lol
Rome Girl (4:52:12 PM): maybe a massage?