June 5th, 2008

Big Pimping

My friend Erin, aka Miss Information on Nerve is having a "Be An Advice Columnist for a Day" type competition. You mission? Write a 500 word or less response to the following question:

Dear Miss Information,

I'm a young female professor and I've gotten utterly obsessed with one of my students. I find myself Google-stalking this twenty-two-year-old man, fantasizing about him during the day, and — I admit — dreaming vividly of him at night. I don't think it's just the intoxication of my own authority: I've been teaching for some time and, though I could note the attractiveness of certain students, I was never sexually overwhelmed like this. How do I get past this embarrassing juvenile obsession? — Dirty Young Woman

Send your answer to erin@nerve.com.

There will be prizes. And they will be as awesome as anal with a Catholic school girl. Hurry! Deadline is 6/9.

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Montpellier Gay Pride

Saturday is Montpellier Gay Pride and you know what that means!

Lesbians. In floats. Some dressed in leather. Some in body paint. It's like lezbopalooza!

And transvestites! And much, much more assorted weirdness.

I plan on parking my ass in the Place de la Comedie on Saturday morning and staying there and watching everything.

Last year, in what one could consider almost a Pride protest, Miss Darling got pregnant during Gay Pride. (If there is a less gay act than conception, I'd like to hear it.)

Who knows what she'll do this year.

Last weekend in Lyon she and her husband went to a gay bar after a Kylie concert and she ended up making out with a transvestite, while a non transvestite was getting head from a shemale at the table next to her.

Clearly, anything is possible.

Some of us were thinking about directing the gay tourists to the homophobic bars in town, just to blow their way too straight minds.


I made a reservation for my parents in this hotel for their trip.

I made these reservations months ago because the end of June is high tourist season here.

Today I get this email from my dad:

"Mom thinks it looks like you booked us into a dump. Can you find something classier?"

WTF??? If that place isn't up to your standards why didn't you tell me that four months ago?

And, WTF is wrong with that place???

And, she hasn't even been in the place!!!




Is there more expensive hotel?


I responded:


Is the price what's freaking her out?

If you want to set money on fire I'd prefer you give it to me. I'm broke. :-)

The Sofitel is slightly closer to the Place de la Comedie, but is about 125 to 175 euros more a night.

Both hotels are roughly a two minute walk to the comedie.