June 4th, 2008

A Favor From A Tech Friend

In general my computer always does what I want it to do. But, whenever I want to go to Youtube is only lets me watch about a minute or two of the video before I get blue screen of death.

So, I'm hoping someone out there can help me.

One of my favorite live clips of all time is on youtube. It's "Knocking on Heaven's Door Chicago Guns N Roses."

It's from 1992 if that makes it easier to find it.

I used to play it like every day, but now I can't play it anymore. It's been like six months and I miss it.

Is there anyone who can either figure out how to send me the video as a downloadable file or even just the audio file?

I can play downloaded videos. It's just streaming videos and youtube stuff that fucks my computer up.

I will be willing to do anything in return.



Completely Ironic Post That Will Get Flamed Anyway

As the lovely and erudite emmabovary points out, lots of girls are now wearing shirts that read "I Heart Consensual Sex."

It's part of a NOW campaign against sexual assault.

Now, Rome Girl, my graphic designer and myself are both evil and ironic.

Hence, we've been talking about getting a cafe press account and creating competing T-shirts that read "I Heart Non Consensual Sex", "I Heart Coercive Sex" and "I Heart Conventional Sex" and seeing how much money we can make off the backlash.