May 30th, 2008


So, tonight I was at the Vert Anglais with a few of my friends when this cute girl showed up with her obviously gay male friend.

At one point she pointed at me and he then winked and said, loudly, "Pas mal."

Was that a dis or a compliment do you think?

Odd Moment In The Vert Anglais Montpellier

So, early in the evening I had to go take a piss.

While I'm peeing I hear someone trying to open the door. No big deal since I knew it was locked.

Then, I hear what sounds like a dude throwing his shoulder against the door.

After that I hear someone try to deal with the door handle again.

Finally, I finish pissing and leave the stall at which point I see the dude who clearly wanted to get inside.

He said "Pardonez-moi. Je ne comprend pas le system ici."

To which I can only think "What fucking system do you not understand? If you are in a bar and need to pee and you try to open a bathroom stall and it won't open that probably means someone else is either taking a piss, getting a blow job or doing coke. Either way, fucking wait your turn!"

Vitamin D!

For the first time in a week it's sunny out.

Plus, I stayed up until 5 a.m. last night playing Wii Golf.

So, you know what? Fuck work today.

I can get shit done over the weekend.

I'm taking a Norman Mailer and a Harlan Coben book to the Place de la Comedie. I'll order citron presse and watch girls in short skirts walk by.

Fight the powers that be!