May 27th, 2008


I think my cat has an eating disorder.

Sometimes her food bowl remains almost full for days at a time and all I have to do is put a tiny bit on top every day.

Then, there are days like today when she eats the entire bowl in five minutes, then asks for more and goes through the second bowl.

It's like she's a binge eater.

Bottoms Up!

You've heard of padded bras - now here are padded boxers for men.

The point is to make your ass and bulge look better for the ladies.

"With built in pockets in the butt to hold your BUTT PADS and hidden pocket in the crotch area for our POUCH ENHANCEMENT PAD double layers of fabric provide for strength and longevity in your briefs.

BOTTOMS UP boxer briefs create a natural look when under clothing and our pads also provide the utmost in comfort for wearing for long periods of time and/or sitting on hard chairs and surfaces."