May 25th, 2008


One of the local buses always has a sign on it that reads "hors service." They never let me on, but I'd love to be on a bus that only services whores. I can never use the "hors service" ATMs either.

Another bus always has a sign that reads "Pas de loup" and all I can think is, "Thank goodness. I don't think they should ever let wolves on buses."

For The Girls

Scandalous Women.

It's a site for women who are sex positive and proud of it. Contains advice on how to be an ethical slut, how to manage your first extramarital affair, pics of dudes who look straight, guides on how to hook up at work and articles about women's sexual power.

It's quite simply awesome.

Food Dude Hates Me!

Today was the worst day ever!!

Food Dude knows I like to go out on the balcony so I can talk to Black Cat Who Lives On The Street (he's dreamy!)

But, Food Dude also knows that I don't like being on the balcony when it's cold. So, we have a deal - he only opens up the balcony when he knows it's warm enough for my tender constitution.

Anyway, today it was a little bit warm in the apartment, so I was glad when Food Dude opened the balcony. And then I went out and saw Black Cat and, I have to admit my heart did a few somersaults.

Then, and I'm sure this is part of Food Dude's evil plan - suddenly water fell from the sky!!!!!

It was like that evil thing Food Dude does in the bathroom once a day, but it came from all over!! Black Cat ran into an alley!

I ran off the balcony but there was water, water everywhere and not the type you'd drink!

It took me an hour of licking my fur to get myself presentable - and still the evil water fell from the sky!

All I can say is someone is getting poo in his shoe tonight!