May 23rd, 2008

The Search For Perfection

There are two workers building a new apartment below me. Because of the acoustics of the building I can hear everything they say.

For most of the week their entire conversation - all day long - was complaining about how shitty the weather was and how much they hated having to work when it might rain at any minute.

Today, they have spent the past three hours with an ongoing conversation about how it is too sunny.

I wonder if they'll ever find a day that is "just right."


DEPW: Going out for cigarettes. I miss you horribly.
Rome Girl: I love you so much.
DEPW: Back. I love you more than Senator Palpatine hates freedom.
Rome Girl: I love you more than Patrick Dempsey is hot.

Full Court Press

After my rant yesterday about the awful changes at the International Herald Tribune, twain asked me why I didn't simply read UK papers.

The answer is that I do - but they just don't do it for me.

In Montpellier I can easily get my hands on (i.e. they are free at the pub) five UK publications:

1. The Daily Mirror

2. The Daily Mail

3. The Guardian

4. The Times

5. OK!

The Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail are great whenever a little girl goes missing in Portugal or an Austrian dude keeps a woman prisoner in his basement for years. They are useless for anything else. (They do have large sports sections, but I'm unsure if they are any good or not, since I don't know the difference between Champion's League, Five Nations or FA Premier League.)

The Guardian has some rock solid reporting, but damn is it a depressing paper. The entire theme seems to be that the world is an awful, awful place and that fun is extinct. The only times I've found it enjoyable lately is in it's coverage of the new London mayor. I don't really like the tabloid style of the Mail and the Mirror, but I do like a little bit of whimsy in my news. The Guardian is just too cynical.

The Times is the best of the bunch. It balances between the serious and the fun. Unfortunately, they only sell it on Sundays. (To be fair the weekday edition might suck, but I really haven't seen it.) India Knight, Michael Winner and Andrew Sullivan are awesome week after week. They actually seem to understand the US election process (something that has evaded the Guardian and the Mirror) and their cartoonist is the dude who did the cartoons for Pink Floyd's The Wall.

OK! is only worth it when a member of the Spears family is pregnant or when Kate Middleton has gotten a new haircut.