May 21st, 2008

From The Street

When I'm walking on the streets of Montpellier, I often find myself wondering if the French are naturally rude, or if they simply have a different concept of personal body than people from First World countries.

As you walk down the street, people will suddenly just stop walking right in front of you. Or they'll push by you getting really really close to you. Or they'll suddenly start walking very, very slowly as if to encourage you to push by them.

In New York or New Jersey people on the street would never get this close to strangers or create a situation where they were encouraging a stranger on the street to get that close to them. They'd be afraid that the stranger would kill them - or that the stranger would think they were about to mug them.

At times it feels like the French just live in their own personal world and have no awareness or interest in the people around them. That would be rude. On the other hand, maybe they just assume it's normal to push through and it's us expats who have body space issues.

My Horoscope For This Week

It's amazing that you can go on partying, performing and producing ,, considering the state you've been in. Oddly, it's exactly the very state you have been in that feeds the creative inspiration in you. Of course few people notice the pain.

Purity Ball

Ok, by now every website from Nerve to Slate has done an item about the New York Times article about the creepy Purity Ball.

So, I may as well rant as well:

1. Does anyone else find it vaguely incestuous that the girls have to get on their hands and knees and look up lovingly at their fathers while their dads vow to guard their virginity?

2. Did you notice that the girls are not only supposed to be physically "pure" but also mentally pure. Is it actually possible for a 16 year old girl to not even have sexual thoughts?

3. What's the deal with the teenage girl who is "promised" to a teenage boy?

4. Why are these dads spending so much time worrying about their daughters' pink parts?

5. Do you think these girls can get Brazillians? Or would that be unpure? Explain your response.

6. The swords are creepy as shit.

France - Love It And Hate It

Things I Love About Living In France:

1. Reasonable rent

2. Bread

3. The ability to constantly be an outsider looking in.

4. Citron Presse

5. The buildings

6. Cobblestones

7. The weather

8. Expats

9. Boobs on the beach, in billboards, on television, pretty much everywhere.

10. The acceptance of alt sexuality

11. Buscars

12. Paris - everything about it.

13. Gauloises Rouge

14. The sheer number of lingerie stores.

15. The butcher shop.

Things I Hate About Living In France

1. La Poste

2. EDF

3. Standing behind 12 bums each buying one beer each in the grocery store.

4. Random asshats constantly asking to bum cigarettes.

5. The too liberal police use of tear gas.

6. "Pas Possible."

7. The unavailability of air conditioning, dryers and elevators.

8. Random strikes. What is there to say about a country where the unemployed go on strike?

9. The ridiculous racism and racial tension.

10. The price of beer in pubs.

11. Not being able to buy anything on Sunday.

12. The way straight French men look and act like gay American men.

13. Straight men drinking pink beer in public.

14. Get 27 - ugg!

15. The nearly 20 percent tax on everything you purchase.