May 19th, 2008

CNN Jumps The Shark

Today, in addition to their story that tells people they should really use their turn signals while driving, CNN also has a feature where they give you the radical advice that you should never ask your friend if she is pregnant if she has recently gained weight.

Tomorrow, I fully expect a feature advising people to put on clothing before they leave the house, followed by a groundbreaking piece suggesting people wear matching socks.

Gimme Some Loving

Over the weekend the British press was filled with stories about some report suggesting that UK girls are the most promiscuous and least skinny of all the girls in Europe.

They say this as though that's a bad thing.

It makes me want to check for cheap RyanAir flights to Essex.

Pet Peeve

I hate it when Americans or Canadians in Europe call cigarettes "fags." It always makes me think they are trying to act cooler than they are.

The next time a dude who is clearly from North America asks me if he can "bum a fag" I'm going to give him directions to the local gay bar.