May 17th, 2008


I Think Food Dude Is Being Mean!!!

He keeps singing this song to me. He swears it was written by a cool cat in the 60s, and that it's a poetic metaphor, but I'm not so sure!


Mama take this cat from me
I can't kick her anymore
She's getting fat, too fat to kick
Feels like I'm kicking her out the door

Kick kick kick the cat across the floor
Kick kick kick the cat across the floor
Kick kick kick the cat across the floor

Mama send my cat to the pound
I can't feed her anymore
That calico cat is much too proud
Feels like I should kick her out the door

Kick kick kick the cat across the floor
Kick kick kick the cat across the floor
Kick kick kick the cat across the floor


I think this means I need to bite his ankles in his sleep!

Reepicheep Vs. Aslan

I am so fucking psyched that all the initial reviews for Prince Caspian are good. Because while I loved The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, we all knew that was just preparation for the real Narnia battles.

Plus, what I love about the Caspian book is that it focuses on my favorite character, Reepicheep, and doesn't waste a lot of time on my least favorite character, Aslan.

Which brings up an argument I've gotten into with many Narnia fans: "How can you like Narnia but not like Aslan?"

The response is simple: Aslan is a dude who shows up randomly and gives ambiguous advice that rarely helps people with their real world problems. Then when they fuck up because they lack the doctorate in divinity that they would have needed to have understood what he said, he sorta looks at them and sighs. Eventually, Aslan kills every living being in Narnia because 50 idiots worship a false Aslan. And he's supposed to be an all powerful lion!

Meanwhile Reepicheep is like an inch and a half tall. Yet, he actually manages to help everyone. He fights. He gives reasonable, rational advice. He stands up for his friends and shows real courage. When it matters he sacrifices himself for the greater good.

I know that the argument to this is that Aslan is the Jesus figure and that Jesus himself gives ambiguous advice. But, Jesus did so for less than three decades. Aslan keeps coming back every two centuries or so to give dangerous advice. Plus, Jesus has yet to kill us all.


Shine A Light

So, because I had the day off from work and it ended up raining this afternoon, I decided to go watch "Shine a Light" the Martin Scorcese documentary of the Rolling Stones concert at the Beacon Theater.

It was playing at my local expat movie theater.

Wow, is it an emotional experience. There are moments when the Stones are amazingly good. And there are moments when they are amazingly bad. "Marty", as Mick calls him during the film, captures both very well.

When Mick walks off the stage and lets Keith and Buddy Guy just jam for 10 minutes, the movie is brilliant. And when Keith walks off stage and lets Mick and Christina Agularia (sp?)rock out it's also brilliant.

But "Marty" captures the good with the bad. While he lets you see them have lots of fun on the songs the boys want to play, he also makes it very, very clear how bored they are of playing "Satisfaction" and "Brown Sugar"

That said, the tension between what they want to do and what they feel they have to do makes the movie fun.

For me the best moment is during "The Girl With The Faraway Eyes" when Keith throws his arm around Mick and gives him a kiss on the cheek. It's like they are brothers who both hate and love each other at the same time and are just giving into the reality of their lives.