May 14th, 2008

Desperate Housewives Mother's Day Edition


They certainly finally found a way to make the show dark and creepy again.

1. Once again, for all her crazy Bree always makes the right decisions when her back is against the wall.

2. I never, ever, ever thought they'd manage to make a Lynette Scalvo plot point interesting - but they did. Of course, she's still boring, but at least they have a character in her orbit that's interesting.

3. Finally they are admitting that Lynette's parenting skills suck and border on the criminal.

4. Does anyone give a shit about Eddie Britt anymore?

5. The drug plot is another yawn.

6. Bree in that pink blouse towards the end makes me want to give her more babies.


I've been writing a letter for a pickup artist and he really likes to talk about "Game" as in "Get Game" or "You need to have game!"

I understand what he means, but I've never heard "game" used in this context before.

Anyone know where it comes from? Was there a movie or some other section of the zeightgeist I've missed?

Sacred Feminine

My shrink and I were talking today about how patriarchal religions make no rational sense. Like, a lot of religion is weird, but you can see the logic in it.

1. Undercooked pork could kill people. So, I can understand how people would think god didn't want them to eat pork.

2. At the start of winter people knew they were going to be cold and have to horde food for a while. So, they decided to have a big party, hence the myriad variations of Christmas, pagan winter festivals, Hanukkah, Winter Death God Party, whatever.

3. Same with the the return of warmth and food in Spring creating holidays and celebrations and shit.

4. Matriarchal religions make a lot of rational sense. The only beings we can observe creating life are female. Therefore, if you are looking for the original creator of life, you'd think woman first.

So, how the fuck did patriarchal symbolically male gods get created?

My guess is that men, after we stopped hunting mammoths, and started farming needed something to make them feel important now that they were not the primary food providers. (I.e. people don't need a lot of physical strength to raise chickens, plant crops, etc.. , so men lost their previous natural advantage.)

Online Conversation

"He Got Game" is a spike lee film," Rome Girl Said. "Having game, or he got game, means that he can play basketball - and it's evolved into he got game with the ladies. You are so White."

"I wish," I replied, "that I could sip a cabernet sauvignon right now while playing Appetite For Destruction, so you could see just how ghetto I am."

"Ha - so now you're not only white," she countered. "You're white trash! hahahahhaah!"

The Fever

When I woke up today (Wednesday) I felt refreshed, happy and alive - which was a stark contrast to how I felt Monday and Tuesday.

I got a lot of work done, had a good conversation with Rome Girl and eventually had fun at "Mexican Night" at the Vert Anglais.

How I got into this good and happy place from the darkness of only 24 hours before is beyond me.

It's weird, when the "bad crazies" or the "heebie geebies" happen, it's an awful lot like an infection. It seizes me and everything becomes muddled. And when the "bad crazies" suddenly go away it's almost exactly like a fever "breaking."

Once it happens, it's nearly impossible to really remember exactly how you felt during the dark time.

In fact, for me, large portions of the days when the bad crazies happen are lost forever. For example, I can remember reading and commenting to responses to my Tuesday post about the heebie geebies, but I can't exactly remember writing the initial post itself.

And when I have a day like today when everything is bright and sunny, the memories of the bad days are so weird. It's like every event I can remember happened at night - in the sense that there is a visual darkness and shadow over each memory that remains.

The strongest memories left from Monday and Tuesday are an almost physical need for oblivion and then, later, a sense of calm curling up next to my cat on Tuesday night and finally giving in to sleep.