May 11th, 2008

Sunny Day!

I took another day off from work today and spent most of it drinking fresh squeezed lemonade and reading Norman Mailer in the Place de la Comedie.

Then, I went and had a beer and a shot at the Vert Anglais in preparation for calling my parents for Mother's Day stuff.

Afterwards, I'll head back to the Vert Anglais to hang out with Hippy It Boy and possibly meet one of my blog readers for the first time.

When I get home, I'll have the new Battlestar Galactica to watch.

All in all a very, very good day.


P.S. I watched the new episode of Lost last night and think the show has now completed its long slow crawl to jumping the shark.


This is how I know I'm getting healthier.

When I phoned my step mom for Mother's Day she started telling me, in detail, about a birthday party she threw for my ex wife's dad last week and how great it was to hang out with my ex wife again.

"I can't believe your father didn't tell you about it," she said.

Instead of responding "Eat shit and die you evil troll," I merely commented, "perhaps he simply knew not to."

Then I let her describe it.

I think I deserve a gold star, a plaque and a martini.