April 25th, 2008

The Demon Dog

DEPW(11:25:51 AM): did you ever get a chance to read that ellroy interview I sent you?
Rome Girl (11:26:01 AM): yes, it was awesome
Rome Girl (11:26:12 AM): although it was kinda gay the way the reporter kept trying to write like him
DEPW (11:26:51 AM): like, if you are talking to the best living writer in america and you try to write/talk like him, you'll end up looking like a douche
Rome Girl (11:26:57 AM): right!!!!
DEPW (11:27:43 AM): ellroy can write like that because he's a genius. and you can get away with writing like that as a homage. but if you try to do it while writing about him you'll fuck up. because his quotes will end up being better written than your writing
Rome Girl (11:27:55 AM): yes
DEPW (11:28:35 AM): particularly during an interview when ellroy has told you that the New York Times interviewer didn't understand him
Rome Girl (11:28:41 AM): LMAO yes
DEPW (11:29:12 AM): plus, you always have to worry about ellroy breaking into your house and kicking the shit out of you if you piss him off
Rome Girl (11:29:39 AM): or throwing a malatov cocktail through your window
DEPW (11:29:45 AM): right
DEPW (11:29:52 AM): but I do love when he says this
DEPW (11:29:53 AM): "A woman from the New York Times interviewed me once and said what do you do at night? I said I talk to women who aren't in the room with me. She said, are they in your bathroom? She really didn't get it. I said no, they're in my brain. And that's the truth. They're in my soul, and by and large, at night, that's what I do. I lie in my bed, in the dark. And I talk to women who are not there"
DEPW (11:30:10 AM): like, I know exactly what he means.
Rome Girl (11:30:21 AM): yes, i read that and thought of you
DEPW (11:30:55 AM): awww! thanks!
Rome Girl (11:32:15 AM): i am not sure if you should thank me that i read about a man talking to phantom dead women in his room at night and i thought of you
DEPW (11:34:19 AM): why is the pain in my head so real right now?
Rome Girl (11:34:31 AM): because yuo got drunk last night
DEPW (11:34:51 AM): yeah. whoever said thank god it's friday did not live in montpellier

It's All My Fault

My_Designer(3:47:01you know its all thanks to you that all these insane english people have descended on montP
DEPW (3:47:32 PM): ?
My_Designer(3:47:43 PM): its simple
My_Designer(3:47:46 PM): i came over
My_Designer (3:47:48 PM): loved it
My_Designer (3:47:56 PM): looked for work
My_Designer (3:47:58 PM): found you
My_Designer (3:48:01 PM): made money
My_Designer (3:48:07 PM): told my friends how great it was over here
My_Designer (3:48:27 PM): the rest is history
My_Designer (3:48:45 PM): if you hadnt made me any money i would have gone home and that would have been that
DEPW (3:48:51 PM): lol
My_Designer (3:48:56 PM): but true!
My_Designer (3:50:00 PM): so next time one of them is fucking boring you to tears with some coked up bullshit
My_Designer (3:50:11 PM): thank yourself for inviting them all to live here
My_Designer (3:50:16 PM):
DEPW (3:50:33 PM): lololololol
DEPW (3:50:46 PM): can I use this IM conversation on my blog?
My_Designer (3:50:50 PM): LOL
My_Designer (3:50:52 PM): yes!

The Screams

Here, presented to you in four text messages, is why I will always love Rome Girl. An explanation follows.

Me To Rome Girl: I Get You, Barb

Rome Girl To Me: Don't Listen To The Screams, Just Hear Me Sing.

Me To Rome Girl: And Go With The Music.

Rome Girl To Me: That's The Entire Fucking Point.

The back story on this conversation is that four years ago when Rome Girl first came to visit me one of her reasons to do so was that I told her we had a great English language book shop - which is something that she had failed to find in Italy.

So, the second day she was here I took her there and she was like "I haven't found a good American book to read in three years. I don't know what to get!"

I suggested American Tabloid - which had been my favorite book until my ex wife took it when she left.

One of the major plot points in the book is that Big Pete Bondourant drinks too much, does shakedown jobs, imbibes a lot of booze and cocaine, does shitty jobs for the CIA and accidentally kills a couple of his friends.

There is a scene in the book when he finally confesses his "sins" to his wife, Barbara, and she responds: "Don't worry, I get you, Pete."

Barbara, it has been established at this point, is a fairly famous pop singer.

Then roughly 100 pages later he finds out that she's been blackmailing various famous people who hung out in Vegas and doing lots of heroin. She begs his forgiveness and he responds, "Don't worry, I get you, Barb."

The book goes on in a lot of tangents after that, but the endgame is that Pete ends up hiring the guys who will kill JFK.

But, while he's killed many, many people in his life, he really doesn't want to be involved in killing JFK. Barb has made him want to be better than that.

It's just something he has to get done because the people who are pressuring him to do it are people who know shit about him that could end up landing him in jail for the rest of his life.

So, what he does is book Barb's band into the closest club to the book depository and make sure that she's singing at the time that the JFK hit is about to go down.

Then, after he knows that the shooters are in place, he walks into the bar, listens to the love of his life singing and comments "I'm waiting for the screams" that he knows will happen when JFK gets killed.

So, here is the reason that I will stay with Rome Girl for the rest of my life (or as long as she will let me.)

She gets me.


She knows that I'm often waiting for the screams.