April 23rd, 2008

Dear Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary,

I love you, I really do and I really wanted you to be the nominee. But, guess what, you've lost.

If, after a month of all out campaigning in Pennsylvania the best you can do is a 10 point win, then you don't have it. If you'd been up 15 or 20 points there might have been some point in dragging this out.

But, you didn't. And making sure we don't have another four years of Republican rule is very important.

At this point, the only way I see clear to a democratic ticket is some sort of Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket - simply because the only way Clinton people will vote for Obama is if Clinton is on the ticket in some way and the only way Obama people will vote for Clinton is if Obama is on the ticket in some way.

So, figure it out. Flip a coin to see who gets the top spot for all I care.

Just, please, don't spend another month alienating swing voters away from the Democratic Party.



I've Become Domesticated

When I was a single guy I never, ever cleaned my toilet. It didn't occur to me. It's where I shit. Of course it's dirty.

After Rome Girl moved in she started making me clean the toilet. Still, I only did it when she pointed out to me that it needed to be cleaned and offered me a blow job if I'd do it.

But, today when I went into the bathroom - for the first time ever I thought to myself "the toilet is dirty I should clean it."

And, I did.

I am so whipped - even when there is no blow job potential.

The Best Of Times The Worst Of Times

The best day in the job cycle of a freelance writer: The day you sign the deposit and get the contract. You have cash in hand and don't have to do anything that day.

The worst day in the job cycle of a freelance writer: The next day when you have to go through the job and realize that you need more background information from the client and have to wait to get it. You want to just get writing, but instead you are checking emails all day long waiting for responses to your basic questions.


Say you wanted to turn the third panel of this comic strip into a user icon.

Say you didn't have photoshop or any photo editing skills.

How would you do it?



From The Freelance Job Boards

For once, I'm not making fun of a freelance posting. I'm almost tempted to bid on this job, even though the budget is very small, because I love, love, love the title of his book and want to read it.

Project Description

I am looking for someone to proofread and edit my book, White Powder White Collar. The book is saved onto word and it has about 280 pages.

Doonesbury Doodle

I'm sure a lot of you read Doonesbury like I do.

This, along with my smoking new user icon, begs a question.

Which character do you most identify with?





My answer is fairly obvious.

What's yours?