April 22nd, 2008

Ok. Who Do You Choose After You've Fired Axl Rose And Scott Weiland?

I think Pete Doherty is the only reasonable option in this case. Unless one of the Gallagher brothers is available.

Are you itching to fill Scott Weiland's shoes after his recent departure from Velvet Revolver and take his place next to the former members of Guns 'N Roses? If so, you'll get your chance in the next few months when the band hold an online audition for their next singer.

The feud between Weiland and Velvet Revolver continues. Slash recently told U.K. rock mag Kerrang! that he ignored Weiland on the road because his behaviour reminded him of former Guns 'N Roses bandmate Axl Rose.

"What became really irritating was that I had the same problem with Scott as I had when I toured with Axl. I just couldn't get the guy on stage on time. That, I can't accept. I will not do it again. I will not be in a situation where a guy is making the audience wait for an hour, or more. It's criminal. I don't know who he thinks he is when he tried to get away with that sort of thing."

Desperate Housewives

Some thoughts on the newest episode.

1. Felicity Huffman is a really good actress, so why do they keep giving her the most boring and predictable plot lines ever. Part of it is that her husband is so ineffectual and annoying that he sucks the air out of every scene she's in. Another part of it is that unlike the other four women there doesn't seem to be that essential insanity at her core.

2. Scalvo is also the only character who has not been allowed to grow as a person. Bree has evolved the most, but even Gabrielle has been given some real moments of emotional growth.

3. I thought this episode did a great job of showing Bree's internal conflict between simply wanting to be liked and to also do the right thing, and how that conflict can lead her to do the wrong and almost evil things, when put in the right situation.

4. The angry wheelchair people are awesome.

5. Terri Hatcher wiping the "ass prints" off the chair was a perfect moment.