April 19th, 2008

Totally Fucking Awesome

The rest of this article is worthless, but it really does make me want to see Zombie Strippers.

"A R-rated gore comedy starring veteran porno queen Jameson. Opening this week for a limited engagement before being released on DVD, the nudie horror film revolves around a top-secret military lab in which scientists have developed a new virus to revive slain soldiers as zombie warriors, allowing them to continue fighting in Iraq. After a mission to stop the zombies goes awry, one infected soldier breaks into a subterranean strip club, where he bites the headliner and sparks an orgy of flesh-eating among both patrons and dancers.

I have never in my life read a better premise for a movie.

Seriously, I was excited by Leprechaun in the Hood, Jason X - In Space, Dentist 2 - Brace Yourself and Maniac Cop 6, but this idea blows them all away.


Tech Question

OK, so I had to install Word Viewer to open up a .docx file today.

Since then, my computer has set Word Viewer as the default program to open up all my documents - even though this fucks me because you can't edit in Word Viewer.

How the fuck do I reset Open Office as my default option to open files?


Ok, so I uninstalled the Word Viewer, figuring that would solve the problem. But, it created a new problem. Now, whenever I click on a file it asks me if I want to save it as a ".docm" file." I can right click and open it with Open Office, but I want to get it back to it automatically opening it with Open Office.

Anyone have any ideas?



Fuck Microsoft Part Two

What I finally did after wasting two hours fooling around with my computer was to uninstall Open Office and then reinstall a newer version of Open Office. During the installation process it asks if you want to make Open Office the default application opener.

What a fucking mess.

I can't believe that Microsoft would set up Word Viewer to essentially deactivate Open Office. Isn't that illegal?

Beyond the fact that they have made a new file format that no one else can use - when .doc documents seem to have worked well for people for years.

What a bunch of asswipes.

Butting In

On Radiumhead's journal last night a debate started about male ass.

Specifically, one woman said she never notices guy's asses and has no clue what her female friends are talking about when they say a guy has a "nice ass."

Then another girl dove in and said she loves looking at a guy's ass and checks out male ass often. Another woman then said she only notices a guy's ass if she likes something else about him.

So, this makes me wonder - how many of you girls like boy ass?

If so, what do you like about it? What kind of shape is good? What are you thinking about when you see a guy ass you like?


White Jazz

For the first time since Rome Girl went to Rome on this trip we had enough money to send each other text messages.

Because we are nerds we ended up trying to out do each other as to literature.

What we were left with was a competition as to the "best overall paragraph" and the "best single sentence."

Part of the game was that it had to be fairly recent. I.e. neither of us could quote shakespere.

Anyway here are my arguments

Best Paragraph

White Jazz by James Ellroy

"Tell me anything.
Tell me everything.
Revoke our time apart.
Love me fierce in danger."

Best Individual Sentence

Glamorama by Brett Easton Ellis

"The better you look, the more you see."

Now, you tell me your faves!