April 14th, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Confusion

Did they give the Centurians free will, or simply the ability to learn, or both?

My downloaded copy went all pixil on me for about four crucial seconds and I can't make out what she actually says they did to them.

Girl Fags

While searching around LJ and the rest of the web to get ideas for the Bear porn site, I stumbled up the Girl Fags Community.

This is a fascinating subculture I'd never heard of before - it's women who only want to have sex with gay men. They find straight men completely unattractive. Reading through their posts they seem to fall into two categories:

1. Women who feel they themselves are gay men trapped inside a woman's body. They don't want to have boy/girl sex with a gay man, they want to have man on man sex with a gay man.

2. Women who know they are women and are happy to be women. What they want is to be the one "exception" in an otherwise gay man's sex life. In a lot of these posts, these women make it clear they don't want a bisexual man. They want a real gay - they just want him to love them enough that he'll have sex with them despite the fact that they don't have a dick.

It's fascinating and also heart wrenching to read their posts. In both cases they seem to be dreaming of the practically impossible, but every so often you do read about a "success story."

I wonder if I have any Girl Fags on my friend's list. If so - may all your queens come true!

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

Hello People!

I'm looking to get myself some dates with some good looking girls in the vicinty of London. This shouldn't be much of a task as I can do it pretty easy and frequent myself, although I feel compelled to check out this site's services and see what the results are.

Any personal info about myself will be given to help with the closure etc.

Show me what cha got people! ;o)


The best part of this is that he attaches pictures of himself to the job request.



He Was A Hairy Bear. He Was A Scary Bear...

My initial ideas for the bear website. Anyone think of anything I'm missing?

Bear Topics

1.Sexual health issues in the bear community.
2.Bear terminology – bears, cubs, tops, bottoms. The ins and outs of the slang newbies are likely to find in bear personal ads.
3.Bear fashion dos and don'ts.
4.How to maintain and groom your body hair to for maximum bear hotness.
5.The bear aesthetic in heavy metal music. The lead singer for Judas Priest recently came out as a a bear and there are lots of iconic gay/bear imagery in heavy metal music.
6.Bear events and organizations around the world.
7.The relationship between the bear and leather communities.
8.Bears in art, painting and photography.
9.Bear hiking and other outdoor/camping type events and organizations.
10.What makes a bear a bear. An explanation for the bicurious or very new gays.
11.A guide to genital piercings (which seem very popular in the bear community.)
12.Biker bears. Bears in the biker community.
13.How to spot a gay bear – so you don't end up hitting on a hairy homophobe!
14.The role the Internet played in creating and expanding bear culture.
15.The Annual International Mr. Bear beauty pageant.
16.Musclebears. What are they and how do they relate to the bear community.
17.How bear culture was germinated in rural American communities.
18.The Bearapolooza music festival.
19.Celebrities that bear admirers are into – Riker from Star Trek, Kevin Smith, Andrew Sullivan, Tom Colicchio, Homer Simpson, etc...

Note To Self

Dear Bart,

If it's 6 p.m. and you find yourself suddenly paranoid about everything and wonder why the cat keeps staring at you, it probably means you forgot to take your medication at 3:30.

So, next time, instead of wondering why everyone is out to get you, ask yourself if you can remember taking your pill recently.