April 11th, 2008

The Song Remains The Same

So, (have any of you noticed how I like to use "so" so start a post as a an easy way to create familiarity?) the big night at Vert Anglais happened with four birthday parties at once.

The highlight of the night was Curious George singing and playing guitar. Though Hippy IT Boy playing sax with the band was also fun.

The two songs that got the best audience reaction were the covers of "Faith" and "Enter Sandman."

I always find this amusing since, as I've said before, "Faith" when done by George Michael sucks but when done by a rock band rocks.

And "Enter Sandman" gets people up and dancing even if they are people who, in general, don't like Metallica.

So, in some ways "Faith" and "Enter Sandman" are the same.

George did a great set, while the older half of Woody Allen Film reference and I got plesently drunk.

We spent a large portion of the night talking about women who go crazy during break ups.

Older Wooden Allen Film reference commented that she'd broken up with her long term guy twice and while she was tempted at times to be a psycho hose beast had kept her cool.

"I figured that by being classy and not crazy I'd get him back," the post Zelig girl said. "And I did."

Anyway, later on I talked with the guys in the band and other dudes who read my blog who had noticed my post today about listening to dozens of different versions of "Knocking on Heaven's Door."

They asked me what my favorite version was, and I told them to check out my blog.

Here it is. Notice how into it Slash and Duff are. There are some beautiful moments in this 10 minute clip.

The Paradise City

Poll #1169246 Velvet Roses

Now That Velvet Revolver Is Without A Lead Singer And Axl Rose Has A New Album Comming Out What Do You Think Will Happen?

Slash, Duff and Sorum will reunite with Axl. There's just too much money not too.
Axl will tour with the dudes he toured with last year.
No tour will happen. Geffen will be happy with him simply getting Chinese Democracy out and he can't really trust Axl on tour.
Velvet Revolver will tour with someone other than Axl and sell more tickets than Axl will on his GNR Tour
Axl will die in some strange way after the album comes out and before the touring shit becomes an issue.

Sorry for the typos. I don't get why you can't edit polls.

Anyway, please understand that I do understand the difference between "too" and "to."

I'm used to being able to edit entries after I write them!

The Divine Miss M

The older half of Woody Allen Film reference was talking to me last night about a new promotion on the French radio station NRG where they say that Madonna is the "icon of glamor for four generations."

Do you think that's really true? I mean, I guess she's an icon of glamor for people in their 30s, but do teenagers think of her when they think of glamorousness? I sorta doubt it.

We then got to talking about how back in the 80s lots of straight guys liked Madonna, but now she's really a gay icon. I mean, if you are male and have bought her recent albums, you probably don't interact with pussy very much.

Which made us both wonder - which of today's hot young girls will be the gay icon 30 years from now?




What's your guess?

An Idea For A Good Reality Television Show

I'd love a Real World type camera crew to follow Charlie Sheen and Elliot Spitzer on a Thailand sex tour.

They could like do a brothel an episode and then rate them on some sort of point based system.

Meanwhile the cameras would cut back and forth to Sheen's finance and Spizer's wife who could rate the various pros and cons of the individual call girls and ladyboys their men experienced during that episode.

Pirates Of Montpellier

Calendar Communications doesn't only do writing jobs. I also work with a designer who finds me writing job while I find him design jobs. Then we each take a percentage and I handle the billing and such.

I don't often plug his stuff here, because most of it is beyond not safe for work, but every so often we do something that is work safe.

I'll note that the client, not myself, wrote the text, but I still think it's a pretty amusing site, and work safe for once.

Pirates Of The Mediterranean.