April 7th, 2008


So Confusing

When the female feeder goes away I get so confused!!!!

1. The boy feeder gives me franks and beans and freshly cooked sausage for dinner!

2. But, he's sorta lazy about my litter box.

3. I do get an entire half of the bed to sleep in - instead of just the corner by the female feeder's feet.

4. But, he plays a lot of music that scares me when the FF is not around.

5. On the other hand he cuddles me a lot more when he is alone in the apartment with me!

Red Moon Rising

I just know there are some people who read me who are going to love this site.

The guy is in the process of trying to create the largest collection of spanking scenes from mainstream novels anywhere. He already has 46 excerpts on his site. They range from Jack London to John Grisham.

They are all spanktastic!

I find this so amusing I actually sent a link to the site as a tip to Gawker.


CNN Needs A Copy Editor

Check out the current opening paragraph from their story about the Olympics.

"The Olympic torch is extinguished by officials twice time during the Paris leg of its relay amid anti-China protests, The Associated Press reports."

Any Obama Supporters In France?

Deocrats Abroad is sponsoring a big event for Obama supporters on Sunday May 11.

It will be held in front of the town bridge Millau.

You don't have to be an American to show up - you just have to believe in the type of change that a new Democrat American president will bring to the United States and the world!

The show of support will be videotaped and shown on YouTube. The French media will also be invited!

It's time to show your support and say "Yes we can!"

MILF Or Not?

In about six months:

1. Jamie Lynn Spears will be a mom.

2. She'll be 17.

3. She's also way pretty.

So, this begs the question - will she be the youngest, hottest MILF in America?

Or, do you, by definition, have to be at least in your mid to late 20s to properly be considered a MILF?

Your thoughts?