April 6th, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Still Rocks

Though the new episode begs the question, "Does it matter who is a cylon or not?"

Like, back in the 1950s it was possible to be both a communist and an American patriot.

I think this episode implies a similar metaphor.

Also, no Starbuck is not a Cylon. I'll bet $100 with anyone on that one.

Stuff I Was Thinking About Today

1. Socks feel nice. I'll sorta hate it a month or so from now when it's too warm to wear them.

2. Rome Girl has been gone for a day. I can still smell her hair on her pillow and her booty lower down on the sheets. I wonder how long that will last. I hope it's a long time because it bones me up.

3. I really love eating girls out from behind when they are on their hands and knees.

4. My cat sleeps a lot.

5. Son of a Preacher Man is one of the best songs ever recorded.

6. One of the best things about your girlfriend going away for a bit is that you can eat franks and beans without worrying about producing nocturnal mustard gas. Because, fuck it, you always sleep through your own farts.

7. On Thursday when I called up my bank to turn my checking account into a joint checking account with Rome Girl's name on it I got an erection. Is that weird, or a sign of commitment?

8. I really want to like the type of art films that all the cool kids like. But, honestly, I'd rather watch something with a name like Maniac Dentist 6. Also, I loved Jason Takes Manhattan more than I would have otherwise because he doesn't really spend much time in Manhattan. And I loved Jason X because the DVD had a feature where you could just watch the killing scenes and skip every other part of the movie.

9. I'm tired of needing pills to get through the day and not be crazy. I can't wait until my shrink and my girlfriend think I don't need them anymore. But, I'm also afraid of the process of going off of them.

10. Heineken tastes good.

I Wish I Had A Screen Capture Device

Because at the moment the lead headline on CNN.com is "Charlton Heston Dead At 83" and then to the right of that under "Popular News" it reads "Charlton Heston Dead At 84."

I'd provide a link but I'm sure they will fix it before anyone reads this.


What amuses me about this story is not that the woman managed to write a tale involving teenage lesbianism, an insane asylum, ghosts, rape, pregnancy risk, BDSM and lingerie fetishes all wrapped up into one.

It's that after doing so she put a note at the end reading "If you find any
spelling errors please let me know where they are so I can fix them.

Also, the fact that it's titled "My First Insane Asylum Nightmare" which implies there is more to come!