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April 2nd, 2008


When I'm totally relaxed and cool and chilled I really like fucking a girl doggy style with a lot of ass slapping and hair pulling and stuff.

But, I've noticed lately, that when things are stressed, like they have been, that I really like variations on the missionary position.

There's something about being able to look at the girl in the eye, feel the full body contact and nuzzle my head in her boobs that is just comforting.

This is not to say I'm dull about it. When we fuck boy on top we vary it out in a lot of ways, switching from me being directly on top, to my being almost side to side, to me on top but coming at her from an angle, to her legs up in the air to me hovering slightly with my fingers on her clit. But they are all variations of missionary.

When I'm in this mood, what feels best is just stopping in the middle of sex for a few seconds and just feeling my cock, unmoving, inside her while I kiss her.

This also puts me in the mood to go down on her after I've cum, because our sweat and mixed juices and her ass taste like love.

Of course, give me a few weeks and we'll have our money shit sorted out and I'm sure I'll be ready to bend her over and tag her again from behind.

But, for now, I just crave the connection of being on top of her and kissing while her pussy grips my cock.

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This story doesn't turn me on, but I can't help but admire a piece of erotic fiction that involves midgets, lesbian cherry popping, old time Hollywood and group sex.

Talk about a niche fetish.

Do you there there are more than five other dudes out there who have that combination of fetishes?

"Dude, why can't I ever find any Judy Garland era first time lesbian midget porn?"

(no subject)

I just had Rome Girl's name added to my checking account.

It felt sorta sexy.

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