March 29th, 2008

I Wanna Be Sedated

(Yes, I know the headline reference is a stretch and lame, but I went with it anyway.)

So, for the past week or so I've been slowly rewatching the first season of 24 for the first time in years.

Some thoughts:

1. Jack Bauer dyes his hair and has highlights. Are we supposed to think that this would be cool/not remarked on at a seriously butch place like the counter terrorism unit?

2. There is no torture? Did they wait until Season Two for that shit?

3. Like whoa, the way David Palmer is a lot like a current presidential candidate. Except fatter.

4. Yeah, I know she's evil, but Nina Meyers is 400 percent smarter, sexier and more interesting than Terri Bauer. I don't blame Jack for cheating at all - even though he was cheating with the female version of Satan.

5. Wow Tony looks young in this season.

6. Did you ever notice how it looks like nobody at CTU could possibly have passed a drug test?

Reason To Hate Starbucks #147

Starbucks is in trouble with the law because they forced baristas to give a percentage of their tips to their shift supervisors.

Starbucks said "customers don't differentiate between the supervisors and baristas when they tip."

Man, what kind of scumbag rule is that? If I give someone a tip I want it going in their pocket - I don't want them to have to hand it off to their boss.

Plus, you know that there had to be some intimidation involved there, i.e. I bet whomever gave the most of their tips over got the best shifts.


I went down to the English language bookstore and traded in some of my old, used trashy paperbacks for some new trashy paperbacks.

Then I went to the Place de la Comedie to sip a citron presse and read. While I was there a pro-Palestinian demonstration/march started.

I'm always torn when the pro-Palestinian marches happen in Montpellier.

I have a lot of sympathy for the Palestinians. History has shat on them and some of the things Israel has done over the years are simply dead wrong. If I was a Palestinian I'd be outraged - not just at Israel, but at the world for letting it continue to happen.

So, part of me wants to be like "Right on Brother!" when they march.

But, then I look at their signs. Here's just a few examples of what I saw today:

1. One which had a Star of David, an equal sign, and then a Swastika.

2. Another that said "Judiasm = Terrorism."

3. One that read (in five languages) "Death to the Jews."

4. And then one that read "Judaism is Ethnic Cleansing."

See, that kind of shit makes me lose sympathy for the Palestinians and actually have some sympathy for Israel. After all, I wouldn't want to negotiate with people who acted as though my entire race was a bunch of genocidal thugs. And, the "Death to the Jews" thing, would make me want to just tell them to "fuck off."

Plus, whatever has happened in Palestine is not the fault of "the Jews." It's the fault of Israel which is a completely different matter. Blaming "The Jews" for the actions of a few misguided politicians and generals over the years is no different than blaming "The Blacks" for the action of Mugabe or Papa Doc.

I'm sure there are plenty of Jews who are just as horrified as I am over what's happened to the Palestinians. I wish the Palestinians protesters could see that and direct their anger at Israel instead of the Jewish race as a whole.

Of course I also wish the leaders of Israel could look deep into their souls, admit their mistakes and start to give back what they've blatantly stolen from these poor people.

It's a shitstorm no matter how you look at it.