March 25th, 2008

Here Comes The Guv!

You can't say that there isn't progress in American.

I mean, seriously 20 years ago who would have guessed that the current governor of New York would be:

1. Blind

2. Black

3. An admitted adulterer

4. An admitted pot user

5. An admitted cocaine user

I wonder if he also plays a mean pinball.

The Bed Zone

Jezebel has an interesting article on happy couples who live together but sleep apart.

The main point of the article is that when not getting dirty in bed, being in bed with your partner can cause friction in your relationship.

That's because people wake each other up, fart, steal the comforter while they sleep, snore etc...

It sorta makes sense. Rome Girl has often said that if we could afford a huge apartment she'd love to have separate bedrooms so that I could snore and leave my clothes on the floor all I wanted and she could get a good night's sleep.

Also, I'm apparently a blanket thief.

What she has done is gotten us separate sheets and comforters, thus trapping each others farts in their own lairs and keeping my hands off of her blankets.

I'm just curious - do other couples do shit like that? What works/doesn't work for you?

Bank Anger

So, over the weekend my bank added even more fees onto my account for the fuckup with the electric company bringing my total overdraft charge up to $210 - for a situation that was not my fault.

I called up the bank and spent two hours on the phone and the result was they agreed to refund 20 percent of the fees - $42 which is better than a kick in the head.

But she also said that "if you can come into your local branch the branch manager might have more flexibility to reduce your charges."

This after I'd explained to her that I'm living in France and that the situation is because of my French electric company.