March 24th, 2008


Man does Super Mario Galaxy get hard after you get about 30 stars or so.

I'm a complete waste on any of the levels that involve you racing other people. And the first ice skating level - fucking forget it.

But, I kick all available ass on any of the platform levels and the pirate ship levels and I'm great as Bee Mario.

My favorite boss so far is the giant mole dude.

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

50-75 English papers, 9th grade level, 5 paragraph essays. Each essay must be tracked in Word with simple corrective comments as needed and attention given to proper thesis statement and resource formatting. Good work can lead to similar projects throughout the year. Familiarity with the 6+1 Writing Traits is helpful for this project. Turnaround time by Friday, March 31. Budget is $1.50/paper.

The Idiot Child

I managed to talk to my family on the phone on Easter without going batshit on them even though my stepmom did annoy the shit out of me.

She's freaking out about my little brother and the thing is there is no reason to freak out and it's counterproductive.

The deal is when The Idiot Child graduated from Notre Dame last May he wanted to spend a year in Madrid tending bar and learning Spanish before figuring out if he wanted a "real job" or to go to graduate school.

My parents flipped the fuck out "We didn't spend $100,000 so you can waste your life away like your brother."

Anyway he's responded by spending the last nine months living at home and being a waiter/bartender as some sort of weird passive aggressive way of saying "Fuck you all!"

So yesterday my step mom went on a rant about all this, because some random distant family member who has a big job at Microsoft (which means to my mom that she's important and wise) told her that if The Idiot Child didn't get a "real job" or go to graduate school within a year of graduation "no company will ever take him seriously and he'll ruin his life."

Nigga, please!

It's totally fucking normal for a 22 year old kid to not know what the fuck he wants to do with the rest of his life - and it's certainly better to hold off on graduate school until he knows. Otherwise he'll just waste time and money there.

Plus, she wants him to get into banking - and I can't think of a time in the history of America since 1929 when it would be a worse idea to work for a bank. Hell, gas station jobs are more secure than banking jobs at this point.

Of course the Idiot Child himself could simply save his money and get on a plane to Spain and tell them to fuck off, but he's too worried about getting cut out of the will if he does that. And he'd have to put up with months of psychological abuse until she adjusted to the idea. I mean seriously, at age 39 she's able to make me feel like a worthless piece of shit, so I can only imagine how she must be able to make a 22 year old feel like a useless fuck socket.

What my step mom doesn't see is that the more she pressures him the more he's going to blow her off and bartend at night and play Guitar Hero/get high/bang his blond fluffball during the day.

Also I have no patience with her acting like him going to Europe would be the worst thing in the world. Telling me that is up there with me telling her that living in New Jersey is the worst thing in the world.