March 22nd, 2008

President Bush Invokes Executive Privilege

WASHINGTON D.C. - (AP) For the first time in a generation President George W. Bush invoked executive privilege yesterday to override the constitutional amendment baring sitting presidents from seeking a third term in office.

"John McCain can kiss my white ass," Bush was heard saying to a senior aide. "Let's see if that motherfuck ever gets any Social Security payments."

The president said that he had conferred with the Attorney General and that there was legal precedence to maintain "leadership during a time of war."

Secretary Of State Condi Rice said that she had talked to the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and that they had confirmed they would use "all military options" to make sure that an election did not occur until the "War on Terror" was won.

Sith Candidate Sen Palpatine said he was not concerned about this latest development.

"The Constitution is nothing compared to the power of the Force," Palpatine commented.

Former Admiral William Adama said that he felt the move was an effort by Bush to eventually move Sen. Barak Obama into the White House.

"Why is the black man alway trying to keep the white man down," Adama asked.

When reached for comment GOP candidate John McCain said that visiting hours at his nursing home were limited to between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and he would be happy to address any quesions during "snack time."


If you go to cuckold forums or chat rooms most of the people are fairly sane. They are dudes who like it when their ladies get lucky or ladies in relationships who want some dick on the side.

I approve of both positions.

But there has always been a small, yet very vocal and annoying subgroup who insist that for "real cuckolding" that the extracurricular hunk of burning love needs to be black.

In general these assholes used to say stuff like "MWF in need of Mandingo Warrior" or "MWF wants spear chucker."

Lately, however these weirdos have started posting stuff like "I want an Obama" or "I want to be an Obama baby mama."

In the words of Tom Petty, "I can't decide which is worse."

Light's Out - Blast Blast Blast

Since the electric company double charged us and made us broke and we are now paid up until like July or something I totally feel like leaving every light on in the house constantly, leaving the TV on with the sound turned off 24 hours a day, growing hydroponic pot and maybe borrowing several klieg lights to light up the entire neighborhood.

Electricity for all!


"I want to call up the electric company and have them send someone over to read the meter," I said.

"Why," Rome Girl asked.

"So I can jump him and hold him at knifepoint until he calls up his bosses and has them refund our overpayment," I explained. "Then I'll slit his throat and feed him to the cat."

"Ok," Rome Girl said. "Just do it after April 4."

"Why then," I countered.

"I'll be in Rome," she said. "You and Hippy IT Boy can maim and torture anyone you like while I'm gone."