March 20th, 2008


Yesterday I contacted my electric company to pay them 161 Euros which is $249.

Somehow my bank gave them $575 instead - putting my account way into the negative and hitting me with a shitload of overdraft fees!

This could not have come at a worse time - as I was going to pay the phone bill today so I can't even call up the bank and say "Dude, WTF?"

I have no idea if the electric company simply charged me for my next regular payment or if my bank fucked up the currency conversion.

All I know is that I'm fucked!

My dad works down the street from Wachovia so I'm going to ask him if he can go up to them and say "What the fuck?' but that's embarassing as all hell.

Fuck me!!


Dance 10, Looks 3

Yesterday at the video game shop they were selling "High School Musical - The Game!" for the Wii.

What the fuck do you suppose you do with that game?

And, who, exactly is the target market?

Banks Suck

So, I got a friend to loan me his phone (mine is pay as you go and I can't put more money on it until I resolve this thing) so I could call my bank and say "Hey, I authorized 161 euros to my electric company not 360 euros, motherfuckers!"

My bank said that because the electric company has not "submitted the paperwork on the transaction yet" that there is nothing they can do.

I explained to them that there probably isn't any paperwork since I paid over the phone. I didn't even talk to a human being at the electric company. An electronic voice said "you owe 161.43 euros" and then asked for my credit card number.

"We'll listen to the recording if you contact the dispute resolution team after your electric company submits the paperwork," was their response.

I'm not sure the EDF will even have a recording. And if so, it's going to be in French. And given that it's a government run organization in a socialist country I can imagine it being weeks before they bother to send the recording (which is really just a bunch of boops and beeps) to Wachovia.

I offered instead to fax Wachovia a copy of the bill I was trying to pay and explained I'm not disputing that I paid EDF, I'm simply disputing the amount - which is written on the bill.

They told me to call back tomorrow.


Tonight I found out that the way French people describe rimming is a phrase that roughly translates to "being a gourmand for chocolate mousse."

This is the first thing that has made me respect the French in years.