March 18th, 2008

Money Honey!

Finally starting to dig ourselves out of the hole we got into when an emergency came up earlier this month and I couldn't devote a lot of time and energy to finding/doing freelance work.

I'm going to give some money to my shrink today and tomorrow I'll pay the electric bill (which is two months behind.)

That leaves only the landlord to deal with, but if things keep going the way they are going I should have that handled next week.

I'll still owe the shrink a bundle, but at least I'll be going in the right direction on that.

Also, I'm going to get my hair cut today, which I've been putting off until I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel shaggy.

It feels good to be getting back on track.

I Love Rock And Roll

Today while I was reading the International Herald Tribune I found out that Joan Jett, The B-52s and Cyndi Lauper are doing a triple bill tour of Europe this summer.

I almost came in my pants.