March 15th, 2008

Campaign Updates

NEW YORK - (AP) - Sith Party Candidate Sen Palpatine said today that his presidency would be run "in the tradition of the Regan Revolution" and that he supported efforts to eventually develop a "Star Wars Missile Defense System."

"The world is a dangerous place," the Sith Party Candidate said. "Until we can develop and use space based weapons, America will be at risk for attack from both religious and secular elements that threaten to destroy our way of life."

Palpatine's advisors have noted that there have been reports that some terrorist cells have managed to steal the plans and blueprints of the military's most sensitive battle systems.

"If these plans fell into the wrong hands even the smallest design flaw could lead to disaster," Palpatine said.

Palpatine's chief of staff, Anakin Skywalker, appeared on CNN's Crossfire last night to defend Palpatine's position against federal school vouchers.

"We believe that some of these vouchers have been used to send children to religious schools where they are forced to undergo extensive non secular training," Skywalker said. "In fact some of these schools actually encourage the study of faith over proven scientific claims."

At the heart of the Palpatine campaign has been a promise to eliminate religious elements from the government and the military.

Ralph Nadar, who has hinted that he may enter the race soon, attacked Palpatine on Larry King Live last night.

"Palpatine would boost military spending to dangerously high levels," Nadar said. "America is not an empire and we can not use our military to impose our values outside our borders."

Come Back For More

Yesterday I asked you ladies what you do if the guy is taking forever to cum.

Of course, I forgot that you girls are so hot that this is rarely if ever a problem for the lassies who read here.

So, I'll ask another something else. As guys we are told from the time we learn about sex not to be a "two pump chump" and to "think about baseball" or whatever so that we can last as long as possible.

Yet, often when I'm talking to girls about sex they've admitted that one of the hottest things is when a guy can't control himself at all and comes in a matter of seconds. (This assumes he finds a way to take care of his lady afterwards and doesn't simply go to sleep.)

So, let me ask:

When is this hot?

How often can this happen and still be hot (when would it become annoying.)

Do you ever try to get your guy to be quick on the trigger?

Why is this hot?

When it's not a matter of him cumming too soon or lasting too long, how long do you want the pistil in the stamen?