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March 9th, 2008

For radiumhead



Dear Humans

Can you please stop talking about domestic politics and do something about the issues that matter.

For example China has set up death camps for cats.

Please nuke these people.


President of the Calico Liberation Front

For radiumhead Part Two

Blond with boobs


Nerve Confessions

Have you guys checked out "Nerve Dating Confessions?

They let people type in almost anything they want. A lot of it is the typical "I hate when guys come to soon" and "Why won't he spank me?"

But, every so often there is a true gem.

For example, one today reads: "The only way I can climax is to fantasize about brutally raping teenage feminist vegetarian human rights activists."

The Sith Party

Sometimes when I think about the people currently running for president it makes me wish that Senator Palpatine was running.

He's a guy who actually wins wars, stands up for change and has the integrity to not let party politics interfere with his grand vision.

He's an outside the beltway kind of guy who knows exactly how to get rid of partisan gridlock.

Plus, he has the coolest advisors ever.


I fucked up and didn't realize I was out of my "no crazy pills" this morning and that pharmacies are not open on Sundays.

It hasn't made me feel crazy, but it has made it very, very hard for me to focus and I'm taking hours longer to get work done than I should.

I can't fucking wait until the pharmacies open up at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

Sarah Connor Chronicles

What a weird end to the season finale.

Is the show simply not popular? Is the network just trying to get rid of it? Or did the writer's strike fuck them up so much they didn't have time to create a reasonable season finale?

Also... pure speculation:

1. Anyone else think the Latina chick is a robot?

2. Assuming there is a season two, while John ever get to bang the fembot?

3. How long until the writers realize Brian Austin Green is annoying and kill his character off?

4. If there is a season two, I really think they should cast Sarah Michelle Geller in a guest spot as another fembot from the future - preferably an evil one.

5. How much crossover in fanbase do you think there is between this and Battlestar Galactica? Is there anyone else here who likes both shows and fantasies about Number 6 and the fembot getting it on?


Palpatine For President in 2008!

Emperor Palpatine has his own blog.

In it he outlines why he should be president.

"I ended the war I started. - When I took unlimited power, I promised to end the separatist movement, which I also created, and I did, which is more than a certain two-term president can claim."

June 2019



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