March 8th, 2008

The Glimmer Twins

Thoughts while watching the "Four Flicks" series of Rolling Stones concerts after a bunch of beers.

1. Do you think it pisses Mick off that Keith gets much, much, much more audience reaction than he does?

2. Why do you think Keith gets much more reaction that Mick?

3. It's odd. Charlie and Ronnie act the same no matter what the size of the venue. But Mick and Keith are much more animated in the larger venues.

4. In all four films it's obvious they all hate playing "Satisfaction" and "Jumping Jack Flash", so why do they bother?

5. On "Sticky Fingers" it's obvious that Keith sings the "help me baby" part of "Can't You Hear Me Knocking". And it makes the fucking song. So why the fuck does Mick insist on singing that part in the "Arena" disk?


Still Smoking

As many of you know I'm very pro smoking and anti smoking restrictions.

But even I am astounded that in France they allow mental patients to smoke in their rooms - and that they let them have matches and lighters.

It just seems like a recipe for disaster to me. Drugged up people should not be allowed to play with fire. They should smoke in a smoking room with a nurse who should light their cigarettes.

The number of things that could go wrong seem limitless to me. Don't they realize that the reason people are in there is because they don't have great decision making skills?

Your Tax Dollars At Work

There's an interesting article in the International Herald Tribune today (sorry, I can't find the link to it) that has some weirdo facts in it.

Aparently when the CIA decided they were going to try to get Bin Laden they were worried that capturing him would piss off the Muslim community.

So, they commissioned a study to find specialized duct tape that wouldn't irritate his skin or cause him to lose any facial hair if they had to gag him.

Then, they used photos of my to figure out his exact body type so they could design an ergonomically perfect chair for him to sit in during interrogations that would make his back feel as comfortable as possible.