March 4th, 2008

Still Smoking

A minor controversy has broken out in France with the new ban on smoking.

It seems that some bars and restaurants have started telling non smoking patrons that their outdoor tables are reserved for smoking parties.

The logic being that there tends to be many more tables inside bars and restaurants than outside. And since people who want to smoke can't use the indoor tables, the restaurants want to reserve the outside tables for them. (On the theory that a bunch of non smokers taking up the outside tables would drive smokers to other bars/restaurants.)

The non smokers are screaming bloody murder that they are being discriminated against because they feel they deserve the chance to sit in the sun in the nice outdoor tables.

One of the bar owners was quoted as saying that all his non smoking patrons have to do in order to be able to sit at those tables is "make friends with people who smoke."

C'est la vie.