February 21st, 2008

Post Castro

Wow, the freelance job boards are suddenly full of people who want U.S. marketing materials translated to Cuban Spanish.

From The Freelance Job Boards

I am an American who came to India looking for Love and a marriage partner and ended up in an Indian prison because of a sting operation with a marriage bureau. I am innocent of any wrongdoing. The entire Indian culture around arranged marriages and deep religious values is fascinating. I adopted the Sikh faith 30 years ago but through this experience I have learned so much about life and love that I think this story would sell, if nothing else I really want to share a book about my adventures with others who might have similar interests in love and prison.

Specific expertise I am seeking: I would like to meet with a writer in India as I cannot leave the country because I am on bail.

Thanks Gawker!

For letting me know about Paranoia Magazine.

"Since 1992, Paranoia: The Conspiracy & Paranormal Reader has enlightened readers with alternative views and marginalized theories of the inner workings behind sociopolitical events. Think of Paranoia as a time capsule.

Over an astounding millennial time period, the cryptocracy's agenda became undeniable: beginning with the Ruby Ridge FBI fiasco, to the WACO travesty, to the OKC bombing and the Twin Towers air raid. Paranoia was there connecting the dots, reading between the lines, letting nothing notable slip under the wire.

Now the wire is tightening. It's time for everybody to wake up! Throughout its history Paranoia has drawn from a talented pool of highly specialized authors and visionaries in the conspiracy, occult and paranormal genres. Paranoia's bold writing and Gen-X design have made it one of the foremost conspiracy journals in America. "