February 17th, 2008


Don't you hate it when you've carefully budgeted yourself through the weekend and think you are awesome because you are getting paid on Monday... but then on Sunday morning realize that Monday is a random bank holiday?


God damn you George Washington!

Even dead presidents are fucking with me now!

Rubber Ducky, You're The One

While it's true that lots of women are proud of their vibes, there are also tons of ladies out there who are more discrete about their love buttons. Perhaps they have small children in the house. Or they still live with their parents. Or they have a conservative room mate.

These girls may want sex toys - but not want to have ones that are obviously sex toys.

In that spirit of public service a website has put together a list of 20 vibrators that look like random household objects.

There's one that looks like a lipstick, another the looks like a cell phone and even a rubber duckie!

What's your favorite?

I Am Legend

We finally got around to watching I Am Legend.

1. Great special effects.

2. The first two thirds of the film are perfect.

3. They should have stayed with the original intended creepy ending and not let themselves get pushed into the happy ending, which doesn't match anything that's come before.

4. Once they decided they were not going to use the footage of the creepy ending they should have cut out the scenes that foreshadow the creepy ending.

5. Will Smith rocks.