February 16th, 2008

Mario Musings

Thoughts after two days of playing Super Mario Galaxy.

1. Wow, the programmers were high when they made this game. The super primary colors and emphasis on eating mushrooms to see and do stuff is beyond stoner time.

2. The 3D space stuff is cool - though I wish it were a little more obvious when you can just run around a small planet and when you will die if you walk off a ledge.

3. This may make me sound old, but I like it when (like in the Pirate Ship Levels) the game gets more old school. That's when I really feel like I'm playing a Mario game.

4. I don't get the comet shit at all.

5. This is the game that really makes you understand why you have a Wii. The controls are so much more intuitive than they have ever been on a Mario game before and it really makes a difference.

6. I've always liked both Mario and Zelda, but have always thought they were essentially the same game (just with slightly different graphics.) This changes that. Zelda for the Wii is a good game, but it gets so fucking complex evenutally that you essentially need an online walkthrough or you are fucked. This game, while hard, doesn't require you to cheat/look stuff up/have a second person watching you play. That's a good thing.

7. I do think the game suffers from not having enough power ups and it's very, very heavy on giving you free lifes. Don't get me wrong, I like free lifes, but I'd rather they put some mushroom powerups into the mix.

8. While I'm bitching, how come you don't have to break blocks anymore? I like breaking blocks.

9. Rome Girl bitches that the graphics look like a kid's game. "I keep expecting to see Strawberry Shortcake" was her comment. But, I sorta like the way the graphics look. It's supposed to be a little silly.

10 Bee Mario is the best idea in the history of the franchise

House Of Pain

Next door to the Vert Anglais there is this weird shop that sells random shit like to-scale replicas of the Titanic and shirts that read "BoyJour."

In general I find their stuff too silly to really contemplate but this week they got an item I'm totally lusting over.

It's a small bright blue bread box that has calligraphy on it reading "Pain."

Yes, I know that "pain" is the French word for "bread." But that's not the point.

As soon as I have some extra cash I'm buying it. Because I love the idea of owning a Pain Box.

I think what I'll do is keep it by my desk and whenever I have a panic attack or get pissed off at someone or down on myself write down what the problem is on a small piece of paper and then put that paper in the Pain Box.

That way, I'll be locking away my pain.