February 15th, 2008

Geek Question

Because I read the first four Dark Tower books like 10 times each but only read the last three once I started re-reading Wolves of the Calla again this week.

I just have one quick question (because I no longer have the earlier books.)

When the people around End World start saying that there have not been any gunslingers in hundreds of years is that because they are ignorant? Or is it because something weird happened with Roland and time and it's taken him hundreds of years to get there?



From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

I require you to create a unique signature (either handwritten or calligraphy) for me that I can use in documents, on websites, possibly as a stamp. The signature will be of the following words: Chris Cade

The signature should appear masculine (since I am male), and also carry a spiritual energy to it.

Bart's Birthday Bash At The Vert Anglais

No question about it - last night was the best birthday ever.

I got pleasantly drunk, but not so much that I did anything embarrassing or that I regret. Spent most of the night hanging out with The Texas Gay, Miss Darling, both halves of Woody Allen Film Reference, The Dirty Baker, Belgium Boy, The Iceman, Texas Gay's Husband and The Iceman's Son.

The bar comped my tab at the end of the night - which is astonishing given how much I drank.

Rome Girl sang with The Waves - who were in great form. For the first time ever she sang "Thunder Road" which got a standing ovation - even though almost no one in the crowd had heard it before. She also got total thumbs up for "Nothing Else Matters."

The band themselves did a kicking version of "Enter Sandman" that they dedicated to me.

Rome Girl says she wants me to stress that she is laughing and not in pain during the singing photo.