February 13th, 2008

Blar Witch 2: Book Of Shadows

We downloaded and watched Blair Witch 2: Book Of Shadows tonight.

I've always liked this film and watched it multiple times in the movie theater when it came out.

But, then it got put on like a million critics' "Worst Film Of The Year" awards.

So, I thought that maybe I was only into it because for like two months it was the only American language film playing in Montpellier.

But, then I watched it again tonight and you know what?

It's a really good creepy film.

Of course it's no Citizen Kane, but as far as B movies go it's really fucking good.

Looking For UK Advice

For years one of my best friends and I have gone to bars and bought rounds back and forth.

This, in general, was an easy thing because we were hanging out in Irish bars and both doing Guinness pints.

But, for the past six months or so we've been hanging on in different bars and drinking lager.

He doesn't like to do lager in pints, so he does half pints. But I still like my pints.

This makes me feel weird because when I buy a round I'm really only paying for a half pint for him. But when he buys a round he's paying for a full pint for me.

But, I'm worried it would seem weird to offer to buy him two drinks per round.

What's the UK protocol on this type of situation?

Zurich Gay

Mostly fairly dull as a gay destination, Zurich does have the "International Museum Of Gay Chic"

I wonder what's on display?

24 Hours To Go....


Bart's Bootylicious Birthday Bash - featuring the musical stylings of The Waves with Rome Girl on vocals.


Starting At 8 p.m. and going until you feed me enough booze to sedate me.


At the Vert Anglais in Montpellier just behind Virgin Records

What Can I Do?

For one, send me a valentine or a generic birthday wish or get your ass down to the Vert Anglais and buy me a beer!


Because I've never let anyone tell me how I should grow old.

help me with a pun

Because there is not a lot going on in Zurich I'm trying to be clever with my gay guide and am joking around about how spies hide their money in Swiss bank accounts.

On the spy theme I've written "Zurich is a town where everyone has an Alias, people seem to have gold fingers and nobody has the identity they are born with."

I'm sure there's a better Bourne Identity pun, but I'm not getting it yet.