February 11th, 2008

The Lipstick Cashmere Jungle Mafia

Rome Girl and I watched the first episodes of The Lipstick Jungle and the Cashmere Mafia tonight.

It was an interesting exercise, because Rome Girl is one of the few women who has never seen Sex and the City (except for one episode some dude she knew was in) so she'd never seen what Lipstick Mafia and Cashmere Jungle (snark intended) are referencing.

"See," I tried to explain, "Andrew McCarthy is Mr. Big. And, of course they have time for long lunches and can plan parties overnight. This is how Candace Bushnell writes!"

"Do I need you to show me a couple episodes of Sex and the City," Rome Girl responded. "Is there some like secret code in there that I'm missing that I need to understand these shows."

"No," I replied. "It's just one of those things that is. You just have to accept it."

"Sometimes," she retorted, "I feel like I need to give up my girl membership card."

Anyway, of the two, Lipstick Jungle is the class act. Brooke Shields is good eye candy and Andrew McCarthy knows that what he is doing is ridiculous and is able to play it off with a wink and a nod. The problem with Cashmere Mafia is that it doesn't seem to know that it's silly.

"All, I know," Rome Girl said, "Is that I want a billionaire to fly me home from Tokyo."

Franglais Joke

The reason the French lost their wars with the British.

Every time they would see the British sailing ships approaching the French captains would shout "A l'eau! C'est l'heure!"

Brussels Gay

Overall Brussels looks pretty dull gay guide wise.

But then I found this:

"Big Man Convergence - Annual gay event open only to chubby, fatty and rotund gay men. Discount drinks, dining and free special events for out and proud fat boys. No women, straights or skinny gays allowed. Largest event in Europe of its kind."

What I Just Wrote

"The Park du Cinquantenaire, right next door to the headquarters of the European Commission, is known as a cruise park for upscale Brussels dudes looking to suck cock whenever they take a break from bitching about Bush."

Who Owns Ideas?

This story in the International Herald Tribune is food for thought for anyone who writes anything.

The summary:

1. Dude spends years running a website where he creates a virtual encyclopedia of anything and everything you could ever want to know about Harry Potter and Harry Potter minor plot points.

2. Along the way he gets several accolades from Potter creator J.K. Rowling for doing a good job.

3. Eventually he ge's contacted and hired by a publisher to publish part of his online Potter encylopedia as a book.

4. Since Rowling has been nice to him in the past he says "Ok"

5. Rowling then sues him for copyright violation arguing that she is the only one allowed to "profit" from Harry Potter characters. She goes on to say that she wants to eventually create her own Potter encyclopedia and donate the money to charity. Her argument is that as long as it was a personal website that helped her promote her books, she was cool with it. As soon as it was promoting his book, she felt her rights as an author had been violated.

It all sounds suspect to me. Like, how could literary criticism exist at all if you could not in some way profit from the works of others.

Think about it. I often write comments about rock albums/tv shows/movies I've seen. Then when Elance posts a job looking for someone to write critiques I send them to my blog. Clearly, then, I'm profiting off the works of others, right?