February 9th, 2008

Damn You Jack Black!

I would do much better at "The Metal" on Guitar Hero 3 if I didn't always crack up at the lyrics halfway through.

They are so clever it's distracting:

The Metal

You can't kill the metal
The metal will live on
Punk-Rock tried to kill the metal
But they failed, as they were smite to the ground
New-wave tried to post hip the metal
But they failed, as they were stricken down to the ground
Grunge then tried to out cool the metal Ha,hahahahaha
They failed, as they were thrown to the ground
Aargh! yaow! [x2]


No-one can destroy the metal
The metal will strike you down with a vicious blow
We are the vanquished foes of the metal
We tried to win for why we do not know

New-wave tried to destroy the metal, but the metal had its way
Grunge then tried to dethrone the metal, but metal was in the way
Punk-rock tried to destroy the metal, but metal was much too strong
Techno tried to defile the metal, but techno was proven wrong

It comes from hell!

Freelance Job Lead

I know this job, on Elance.com, is perfect for someone on my friend's list.

Budget: Less Than $500

Project Description:

I need an article on a one day HIS and HERs itinerary for downtown Austin. This article CAN cite newspaper articles, references, statistics and things of that nature IF IT WANTS TO. It should be approximately 1000 words. This couple is going to start off having lunch someplace downtown Austin or close by (you research and pick) then go their separate way until they meet again for dinner (again at a restaurant that you pick, however it needs to be a local Austin restaurant in both cases)

You need to pick out shops, cool things to do (either for free or $) etc. If you live in, or know a lot about Austin cite that in your bid or PMB. I expect to be able to revise the articles 1-2 times.

What I already have versus what the provider will build:
You will need to do some research on your own for these articles.

Other Context/Requirements that providers will need to know:
The target audience is downtown dwellers, and people who have bought a condo in Austin, Texas. The articles will be used on our website and in a magazine.

Specific expertise that I am seeking:
Some Austin experience would be helpful, but not necessary.

We will own the article, and may publish it with your name.

Timeframe for delivery:
I need this article in about 7 days.

In your bid, please provide:
1. sample writing pieces
2. Resumes and portfolios with samples of your writing
3. A photo of yourself so we can put it next to your piece (optional)


I hadn't played Guitar Hero in about a month but got the itch to pick it up again last night - and holy mother of fuck did I lose a lot of my skills.

They are coming back though. I just managed to four star "One" on the Medium level, which is harder than it sounds because:

1. The song is really long.
2. It has about seven different rhythms in it.
3. Every time you master a rythm it goes into a guitar solo.
4. It suckers you in by being slow and easy at first and then suddenly tries to kick your ass.