February 8th, 2008

Use His Ilusion

So word on the street (by "the street" I mean Google News Alerts) is that Axl Rose has finally finished recording the long awaited Chinese Democracy album - but he wants several million dollars in additional fees before he'll give the masters to the record company.

This must suck for the record company, because he's delivering the album 13 years late and cost overuns have already made it the most expensive album to record in history (the record company has paid somewhere between $13 and $15 million to produce the thing.)

So, you have to figure they they sorta want to tell Axl to fuck off.

On the other hand Axl is insane and perfectly capable of setting the master tapes on fire (or running them over with his truck as he did to one set of masters six years ago.) And, once you've invested this much money already in the album you do want to eventually be able to sell copies of it.

The good news is that the record company won't have to spend that much money to advertise the damn thing. As soon as they have a release date every rock magazine/heavy metal online forum/rock blogger will distribute the information for them. And Axl can pretty much get personal appearances on Letterman and any other news show he wants at the drop of a hat.

Plus, I'm assuming they want to get it out there while there are still some people buying CDs and before everything becomes a mininova download.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.



Because Montpellier is in the Languedoc region of France I think my slogan for their gay guide should be "Montpellier - Where The Men Speak Langue Cock!"


I read last week - I forget where and can't find it online now - that Patrica Cornwall is the second best selling female writer in the world.

This sorta bugs me - I mean her first five novels were astoundingly good. But her last few have sucked and her most recent book wasn't even edited correctly before it was released.

While I may be disappointed by Ms. Rowling's ending to her latest book, at least it wasn't full of redundancies, grammatical errors and accidentally repeated sentences and paragraphs.

So, my advice, if you like the type of stuff that Cornwall used to write, is to switch your attention to some other female writers who are putting out really good stuff, but selling roughly half what Cornwall is.

On my list:

Sue Grafton

Val McDermid

Kathy Reichs

Karin Slaughter (really, really good southern crime fiction.)

Linda Fairstein

All five of these gals will give you much more bang for your buck - and none of them wastes chapter after chapter on the meanderings a gloomy lesbian niece.