February 6th, 2008

Check Out This CNN Typo

McCain Wins Two States, CNN Projects

As the second wave of Super Tuesday polls close, CNN projects John McCain will carry New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois in the Republican race.


You got to read the deposition on what happened the night Britney got committed.


1. They managed to convince her that the paparazzi dude she's been fucking for a month is gay.

2. They were grinding up pills and slipping them in her drinks (while doing tequilla shots.)

3. They hid all her cell phone charges and disabled all of her cars.

4. She needed to buy lipstick at a Rite Aid at 1 a.m. - while speaking in a UK accent/personality.

5. She kept changing her clothes and her dog's clothes all night long.

6. Her doctor wanted to put her into a drug induced coma to "heal her brain."

7. During this her manager was telling the family that if he gets fired he'll "piss on her grave."

8. Britney never locks her house and the paparazzi just wander in and out.

Gay Cancun

Some thoughts while researching the Gay Guide to Cancun:

1. Wow. Straight or gay or whatever, this bar looks fun.

2. Cancun is the only city I've found so far that has a gay bar dedicated to dudes who want unprotected sex. The bar is called "Risky Times." I'm not sure how I feel about that. If nothing else, the name is honest.

Here Comes My Girl

Last night Rome Girl and I were watching the YouTube video of the Tom Petty Super Bowl halftime show and I remarked "The guys in the stands must be loving hearing him sing American Girl with the American flag behind him."

"Yeah," Rome Girl responded. "Even though they don't realize the song is really about the death of the American Dream."

"Fuck," I said. "I love you."

And I meant it.

Because this is an argument I've made to almost every girl I've ever dated. That American Girl is an angry song and not a love song. It's something about desperation and the end of dreams and a remembrance of things past.

I'd never made this argument with Rome Girl. Because she doesn't really like rock and roll. And she really hates singers like Tom Petty (and Dylan and Axl Rose, because she hates that vocal styling). And I'd never won the argument with people who did care about rock and roll and did like that particular Wilbury.

And yet, without me saying anything, she understood what that song meant and because I was watching it and listening to it, gave enough of a shit to make an intelligent comment. And, a provocative one - because she had no idea if I'd agree with her or not.

So, when I said "I love you," I meant it in the only way that matters. In the way that someone I've slept next to for four years can still surprise me and impress me and never, ever bore me.

And this makes me want to embrace her over and over again.


P.S. We don't agree on everything. Later we were talking about "Free Falling." She says that he feels "free falling" because he's so in love with her. "It's the feeling he has when he feels like he's in love with her is like free falling from a parachute in an exciting stimulating way" she said. I, on the other hand, think the song is about a dude breaking up with a girl because he's scared of how much he loves her. Hence the stress on "I'm free." The "falling" part, in my opinion, is his acknowledgment that he knows he's making the wrong decision, but knows that he has to do it anyway, because of his own fears of feeling too close to someone. I don't think Rome Girl and I will ever agree on this. But it was nice to have the argument.