February 5th, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Watching the new episode of Lost tonight I had a deep thought (don't worry, this deep thought contains no spoilers.)

I've noticed that it rains a lot on the island - and that when it rains it rains really fucking hard.

I've also noticed that the primary native creature on the island (native in the sense that unlike the giant pigs and polar bears there is no evidence that it was put there by a weird corporation) is the Smoke Monster (Monstrosous Smokus?)

In real life I've noticed that rain tends to get rid of smoke. So my questions are:

1. How does a smoke monster evolve on an island where it always rains? Wouldn't it do better in an arid climate?

2. Do you think the smoke monster hates the rain? Are the smoke monsters always bitching to each other about the weather? Do they want to get off the island so they can find a place with a better climate?

3. Where do the smoke monsters go when in rains? Are there waterproof smoke monster villages somewhere?

4. Maybe the smoke monsters should consider working with the people trying to get off the island? They could go to LA. I'm told it doesn't rain much there.


I'm going to be interviewd by France 3 (a national television network) in an hour!!

Rome Girl is picking out clothes as I speak.



That said I've been on French TV before - once on Valentine's Day about 10 years ago, on 9/11, on the two year anniverary of 9/11 and after Bush won the first time around.

(no subject)

DEPW (4:44:37 PM) 'm gonna be on France 3 at 7 p.m.
DEPW's Designer (4:55:14 PM): oh god what have you done????
DEPW (4:55:38 PM): they wanted to interview an american for their election coverage tonight
DEPW's Designer (4:55:50 PM): good christ
DEPW (4:56:10 PM): they interviewed me for about two hours, though I'm sure they'll only use about 30 seconds of it
DEPW (4:56:14 PM): but it might be worth a watch
DEPW's Designer (4:56:15 PM): jesus this could be it bart - you may unite the french at last
DEPW (4:56:23 PM): unite them how?
DEPW's Designer (4:56:42 PM): in wanting to throw you out of the country!
DEPW's Designer (4:56:44 PM): :_)
DEPW's Designer (4:56:47 PM): i will be watching
DEPW (4:56:58 PM): is France 3 a popular channel?
DEPW's Designer (4:57:53 PM): its a national channel
DEPW (4:58:09 PM): cool. they seemed very professional for french people
DEPW's Designer (4:58:43 PM): lol
DEPW's Designer (4:58:49 PM): i cant wait to see it
DEPW (4:59:38 PM): I just hope they don't make me look like shit
DEPW (4:59:46 PM): thank fuck it was in the afternoon and I was sober
DEPW (5:00:50 PM): So I didn't end up chanting "Sarko!" or anything
DEPW's Designer (5:01:07 PM): do you know the name of the program?
DEPW (5:01:17 PM): It's going to be on their regular news broadcast
DEPW's Designer (5:01:41 PM): ok
DEPW's Designer (5:01:44 PM): 7 you say
DEPW (5:02:01 PM): Yes. I don't know at what point in the program it will be on
DEPW (5:02:13 PM): They just told me "watch at 7"
DEPW (5:02:26 PM): and I asked the guy if he was sure I be on and he said "Je suis sure!" It seemed to go really well.
DEPW (5:06:01 PM): I wonder if they'll make me look crazy
DEPW's Designer (5:06:34 PM): i soooooooo want them to
DEPW (5:06:44 PM): is there any way you can save it as a file and put it on youtube?
DEPW's Designer (5:06:51 PM): i want to see you looking like you just got out of bed drunk and crazy
DEPW's Designer (5:07:07 PM): you check out their website after it has shown
DEPW's Designer (5:07:42 PM): i want to see a scuffle with the cameraman as you get aggressive as the interview goes on
DEPW (5:07:57 PM): you'll be disappointed
DEPW's Designer (5:08:01 PM): damn it

And We Will Win: El Rojo Speaks

Rome Girl here with the info to see your European correspondent, Bart Calendar, do his best Toby Ziegler impression.

Now, this is a rigamarole, so pay attention.

First, go here: http://jt.france3.fr/

Then, find Languedoc-Roussillon in the list of regions. To the left of Languedoc-Roussillon you'll see two sets of numbers - 12|13 and 19|20. Click on 19|20.

This will bring up a pop-up screen. On this screen, you need to click on Mardi 05 Février.

He's on the screen behind the newscaster for the rundown at the beginning of the newscast. Note how the fetching anchor says his name wrong, "Candelarrrr," but with such flair!

Then, look on the lower right hand side of the screen for the time - it should say 19.00. His story starts at 19.05. He's done at 19.06, but keep watching to check out our English bookstore, too! The whole piece ends at 19.07.

His interview was at the famed Vert Anglais, home of chocolate martinis and The Waves. Cute, isn't it?