February 2nd, 2008


The Blond Lesbian's last night was a blast. We started drinking around 4 p.m., took a food break around 7, and then were back on the sauce at The Vert Anglais around 8:30, just in time for the band.

I don't know how we made it to closing time, but somehow we did.

It was sad when she left on Friday - but she'll be back in April.

I spent most of Friday nursing my hangover, but talked to Rome Girl for a little bit and it sounds like she's having a blast in Paris.

I caught up on Prison Break Friday night and ten slept from Midnight to Noon and I feel completely refreshed!

Mardis Gras

Tuesday is Mardi Gras - is anyone doing anything for it?

I can't avoid it because the parade goes right past my apartment and my local pub, so either way I'll be seeing it.

I'm going to Carnival night at the Vert Anglais tonight - but have yet to come up with a costume idea so I may be vanilla.

Is anyone giving up anything for lent?


I want to dress up for Carnival tonight but just realized that I have no idea how to put on eyeliner or eyeshadow or lipstick myself.

Usually when I need to drag it up I have Rome Girl or another one of my girls around to do it for me.

Plus, it's cold out and I'm worried that since I have no tights Rome Girl's skirts would leave me freezing when I went out for a cig.


I think I'm just going to paint my nails black again and hope that's drag carnival enough.


So, for Carnival, I'm painted my nails black. Now I'm going to wear a too tight white button down shirt with a skinny black tie and Eric Estrada style big sunglasses and say that I'm a "Pregnant Drag King."

Vert Aglais Carnival Photos!

I told people that I was "Pregnant Drag King" but one French dude told me I was "Tim funking Roth" and the other said "Tu es Mr. Orange."

At the end of the day all that really matters is that we had a great night at the Vert Anglais.