January 30th, 2008

The Blond Lesbo Comes Back

We went to the "Welcome Home" party for the Blond Lesbian at Cute Scottish Babe's gaff tonight.

I took a bunch of pictures but only the ones of Blond Lesbian and Cute Scottish Babe came out good enough to post.



I Call Bullshit

Because Rome Girl left it lying around I recently picked up and started reading Bright Lights, Big Ass a collection of essays by a female Republican living in Chicago.

The book opens up with an open letter to Brett Easton Ellis, Jay McInerney and Candance Bushnell calling them all liars. She goes on to say that she lives in a city and has never been invited to fabulous parties because she's a writer, never offered cocaine or seen any sex parties or mini orgies and that she's always broke.

She goes on to say that Brett, Jay and Bushnell are making things up and that's it's impossible for writers to have ever led the lives they've claimed to have led.

What a load of horse shit.

Brett and Jay first off were writing about early to mid 1980s New York City - which I'm guessing is just a bit different from Chicago in 2006. And Bushnell was writing a sex column in New York.

Here's some thoughts for Jen Lancaster, the author of Bright Lights, Big Ass:

1. Um, do you think that life in New York in 1985 for a gay bestselling author who's father was a movie producer might be somewhat different from from that of mid level Republican newspaper columnist in the post 9/11 era? Particularly if he was talented enough to write and publish his first novel when he was 19?

2. You are aware that Brett and Jay sold their novels to movie studios for a good deal of money, right? And I've heard tell that Bushnell managed to sell her concept to HBO for what would become a fairly popular television show.

3. Do you think that perhaps a good looking gay dude, the author of a novel about cocaine and a pretty sex advice columnist just might get invited to cooler parties with drugs and sex happening than a whiny married GOP writer?

Just a few thoughts.

Gay Cape Town

Researching the Gay Guide To Cape Town confuses me - because the same tourist sites that talk about the hot sandy beaches also talk about going to the penguin reserve - and, in my mind at least, penguins and beaches don't really go together.

That said it'd going to be more fun to write this than the Hong Kong Guide I had to do yesterday because Cape Town seems to have a really raunchy gay scene - and is the only country in the world to have gay rights written into their constitution!

My favorite listing so far has been from a dude describing the scene on the gay friendly beach.

He writes:

"On the gay beach it seems compulsory to wear tight lycra Speedo's and show off a nice bulge for others to admire. Where as on the straight beach next door it seems compulsory to wear baggy shorts, keeping themselves tucked away for only there privileged girlfriends to explore."

Don't Drop The Soap

TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) -- The son of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is peddling a board game titled "Don't Drop the Soap," a prison-themed game he created as part of a class project at the Rhode Island School of Design.

John Sebelius, 23, has the backing of his mother and father, U.S. Magistrate Judge Gary Sebelius. The governor's spokeswoman, Nicole Corcoran, said both parents "are very proud of their son John's creativity and talent."

John Sebelius is selling the game on his Internet site for $34.99, plus packaging, shipping and handling. The contact information on the Web site lists the address of the governor's mansion. Corcoran said the address will change when John Sebelius moves.

The game also goes on sale starting January 31 at a shop called Hobbs in the college town of Lawrence.

"Fight your way through 6 different exciting locations in hopes of being granted parole," the site says. "Escape prison riots in The Yard, slip glass into a mob boss' lasagna in the Cafeteria, steal painkillers from the nurse's desk in the Infirmary."

The game includes five tokens representing a bag of cocaine, a handgun and three characters: wheelchair-using 'Wheelz," muscle-flexing "Anferny" and business suit-clad "Sal 'the Butcher."'

Uncle Milty

"What do you think of this," I said to Rome Girl. "Gay Cape Town - Go and pet the penguin!"

"Go away from me," Rome Girl replied. "That is the worst euphemism ever."

UPDATE: I'm now trying to do something with "Cape Town - Look At Lions With Your Bear Or Lie On The Beach, Bare!"

Midnight Train To Montpellier

As the lovely Miss Expatria points out today - the French government through the SNCF is going to start running "Party Trains" between Paris and Montpellier.

The trains which will run in the middle of the night will have DJ's, lounge rooms, bars, music and presumably lots of drunk kids on them.

It should be interesting when they turn up at their destination at 5 a.m. and suddenly spill out into the middle of my city.

Vert Anglais Montpellier Carnival Rome Girl Miss Expatria

On Thursday the Waves are back at Vert Anglais and the lovely Rome Girl, otherwise known as Miss Expatria, may very well be singing with them. If that happens I promise to provide pictures.

Otherwise, the Thursday night Vert Anglais gig is always fun.

While my Bella Roma won't be around for it there is another great Vert Anglais party on Saturday in honor of Carnival.

Starting at 9 p.m. anyone who shows up in costume can buy a shot for one euro and there will be a free bottle of champagne for whomever shows up in the best costume.

So, if you live in town and have ever wanted to meet Miss Expatria show up Thursday and if you just want to party, come on down on Saturday night.

Either way it will be a gas!