January 28th, 2008


In the Gawker discussion about the school where the girl's cell phone photos of her boobs got sent to essentially everyone in town, someone commented that they'd never let anyone take pictures of them naked (or take pictures of themselves naked) because it could haunt their future.

What she seemed to mean is that a future employer/potential lover/friend might one day see her tits online somewhere and freak out/decide they are a slut/whatever.

Now, I'm sure that for years this would have been true - i.e. finding out in the mid 1980s that someone had done porn in the 1970s would have been a bit shocking.

But, I wonder if it will be true for the current generation.

Thank about it - between Facebook, Live Journal, My Space, Friendster, etc... this entire generation has been essentially trained by technology to be exhibitionists and voyeurs.

Is it possible that in the next few years the vast majority of the current young generation will have shared their naked pic/sex fantasies/fetishes/medical stuff/psychiatric history online in one way or another?

And if it gets to that tipping point where most people of a certain age group have done it, won't it simply become mainstream. I.e. the HR director won't disqualify you for a job because of your topless pics since she knows very well that her own fantasies about sucking German Shepard cock are on at least three sites as well?

Will the people who've never shown their dick/boobs/fantasies online become the ones who are considered weirdos?

Is there a point in our future where if you haven't exposed part of yourself online you'll have trouble getting a job because people will consider you secretive or a prude?

The mind boggles.

Better Than Britney!

A few years back crime novelist Patricia Cornwell had a lesbian affair with a female FBI agent.

That FBI agent's husband then started a plan to kidnap and murder Cornwell in retaliation!

Holy Hijinks!

Obviously he sucked in the planning and execution department since she's still breathing.

Also, someone should clue him in that there are millions of dudes out there who pray to Jesus that their wives/girfriends will show some interest in the furry chalice.