January 24th, 2008

And You Think Your Room Mates Are Bad

I love this ongoing Gawker saga where these two girls are constantly trying to find and losing room mates.

Currently they claim to need a new one because their last roomie was "black and always drunk." Because, you know, white people are much better to deal with when they are wasted.

The best is they have their own blog where they make themselves out to be the worst roomies ever. For example they actually blog about the fact that they ran out of toilet paper and were both so lazy they just drip dried for two weeks.

They go on to talk about how they like to go into their room mates rooms when they are not around and go through their shit at one point evicting a girl because she is 'on probation and uses weird lube."

It's like some odd 7th circle of hell.

Almost Famous

I was just interviewed for an article on this site which gets like a kabillion page views a day.

I feel like a star!

Hopefully, I'll also get some work out of it.

The woman who runs the site seems really cool.

The Informers

I just found out that a movie based on Brett Easton Ellis' book The Informers is going to be released later this year.

It looks like it has an excellent cast, but the premise confuses me. The book is a collection of completely unrelated short stories. How do you make that into a movie?

That said, I'll go see it because the book has one of my all time favorite lines: "You are so tan. Why aren't you happy?"


My Girlfriend Is A Communist

This week Rome Girl has been obsessing about a writer who got fired from Wonkette - and she's not the only one.

Apparently, a whole bunch of people, led by someone named "HomoFascist", have organized a weird protest where on some days they don't comment on any Wonkette postings and on other days they "thread bomb" one posting.

This has led her to scream out "I just heard from homofascist! I got the call!" every so often.

"Have you talked to our shrink about this," was all I could say when she explained this to me.