January 23rd, 2008

Vert Anglais - Best Bar Montpellier WiFi Update

The WiFi is up and running at the Vert Anglais in Montpellier, just behind Virgin Megastore.

The deal is that when you order your first drink you are given a password that lets you log in. You can then be online for as long as you want - though the system does cycle every so often so you might have to log in a second time if you are there for a really long time.

It's pretty fast WiFi and all the cool kids are doing it.

The Vert Anglais will also have the Waves back on Thursday night - with happy hour as usual from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. George has been singing some songs with the band and is starting to get a really good following. His covers of Blink 182 and Metallica songs are top notch.

Every so often Rome Girl sings with them as well.

Either way it's always a fun night. The girls seem to think the band boys are cute and there are always lots of smoking hot girls there on Thursday nights.

Some come on down!



Sub Prime

About two or three years ago one of my clients signed up several lending institutions to her advertising firm and then hired me to write the web ads for their "mortgage products."

I remember reading about what they had to offer and thinking "wow, some of these loans are really shitty."

They included stuff like :

1. Loans where you paid off even less than the interest each month, meaning you kept owing the bank more money and losing equity over time.

2. Loans with ridiculously low initial monthly payments that would suddenly become huge monthly payments in a few years.

3. Loans where you borrowed even more than the house was worth so you could "Have a new home and cash in your pocket for a romantic vacation."

4. Loans where, for a fee, the loan officer would teach you how to lie so you could qualify for the loan even though you were unqualified. "We'll explain exactly how to fill out your mortgage application so you prequalify - no matter what your income or past financial history! We respect your privacy!"

For a few minutes I felt guilty writing these ads but then I thought "Hey, this is like when Best Buy advertises they have an HDTV for $50. They really just have one. Only a moron would ever really apply for any of these mortgages and there is no way any bank would actually do a closing on many mortgages like this."

Apparently given the size of the current lending crisis there were a lot more morons than I thought and the banks were actually serious about these types of mortgages.

That blows my little mind.

Mexico City Gay

Researching Mexico City, I'm surprised to find that many of the bar and club owners don't know that the rainbow flag symbolizes "Gay Bar." They think it just means "Cool symbol that rich Americans like."

So, Gay.com cautions gay tourists not to think that the rainbow flag means anything. They also note that lots of mexican teens also think the rainbow flag is cool and have no idea it means "gay" so they caution you not to assume that a dude in a bar with a rainbow flag outside wearing a rainbow flag T-shirt is actually gay.

Plus, I love this actual quote from the official Mexico City Tourism Site:

"There´s a special neighbourhood in town which is growing up due to gay people: Zona Rosa (the Pink Zone). It is in one place, Amberes Street, where smart and brave gay investors are opening new shops."

Little known fact: Mexico City is one of the only cities in the world to give gay inmates conjugal visits.

Because, really, if you are gay and in prison, it's hard to get laid.

The most popular lesbian bar in Mexico City is called "Pussy."

Also on the Mexico City Gay Tourism site this photo is their symbol. If someone can tell me what it has to do with Gay Mexico City, I'd love to hear it: