January 22nd, 2008

So Not Porn Bart

I've been talking to the Southwestern France director of Democrats Abroad.

I think I'm going to volunteer my time to help the out with media stuff and maybe to start up a chapter in Languedoc.

Their media director just resigned and their nearest active chapter is Toulouse which is far from here.

I sorta figure it's one thing to spout political views and another thing to do something about it.

And, I think I'd be good at stirring up emotion and getting people to take notice.

So, if anyone in Languedoc knows anyone who might be interested let me know.

Let's make a difference today so that our children can have a better tomorrow!

Democrats Abroad Montpellier

So, the head of the Southwestern France office of Democrats Abroad sent me a list today of people in the Montpellier Postal Code who have shown some interest in Democrats Abroad and over the next couple days I'm going to start contacting them to see if I can arrange a cocktail party - either at my apartment or the always wonderful Vert Anglais.

I think I'm also going to get some flyers made up and post them in the Ex Pat Bars and English language bookstores and see if I can actually get a chapter set up here in Montpellier.

If anyone reading this knows of any Americans in the area who might be interested let me know.

If nothing else I can let people know that they can vote electronically in the Super Tuesday Primaries from France and show them how to do it if they are interested.

I'm excited to be doing this.

We may have differences in the Party, but we all share the same enemy and a common goal - to put a Democrat in the White House and show the world how good America can be.

Today is the day to forget about what divides us, focus on what unites us and power our party into the future.