January 21st, 2008

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description:

We, Thea and John- a Dutch couple - are travelling in Europe with a gipsywagon, pulled by two horses.
We made the decision to live our dream and break out our busy life. Quitted our jobs, sold our house and there we are! Last year we travelled 1600 miles, now we stay in Hungary for the winter.
We made an ebook: How to break out and live the life of your dream, with a gipsywagon and horses. This is about 25 pages.
English is not our native language, we look for an editor. Most desired is a writer with affinity for horsedriving, knowledge of and experience in driving a two-horse team is most perfect!


I'm doing the Gay Guide To Bogota today and am surprised to find out that:

1. Bogota is third most happening gay scene is America (behind Rio and Buenos Aires.)

2. There are more than 100 gay bars in the "Gay Village" inside Bogota.

3. The most popular gay bar is called..... "El Closet."

4. Cocaine for personal use is legal - and cheaper than pot.

5. "Tops" are not considered gay in Colombia. In fact it's considered better to bang a gay bottom than to deflower a "nice girl" if you are horny. What would Freud say about that?

6. Each week on the day after Saturday many of the bars have events with free drinks that they call "Sungay Parties."

7. I'm thinking the slogan should be "More White Powder Than Aspen In January!"

Caught Up

Rent paid.

Electric bill paid.

No bar tabs.

Don't owe the shrink anything.

All bills paid until mid February.

Rock on with your cock on!

Ex Pats Voting In Europe Democratic Primary Election

MEXICO CITY (AP) - This year, for the first time, expatriate Democrats can cast their ballots on the Internet in a presidential primary for people living outside the United States.

Democrats Abroad, an official branch of the party representing overseas voters, will hold its first global presidential preference primary from Feb. 5 to 12, with ex-pats selecting the candidate of their choice by Internet as well as fax, mail and in-person at polling places in more than 100 countries.

U.S. citizens wanting to vote online must join Democrats Abroad before Feb. 1 and indicate their preference to vote by Internet instead of in the local primaries wherever they last lived in the United States. They must promise not to vote twice for president, but can still participate in non-presidential local elections.