January 19th, 2008

Annoyed And Happy

Things that are annoying me right now:

I way overspent in Madrid.
We got a fucking huge electric bill while I was gone.
I'm going to be so fucking broke for the next week or two
My work chair broke today
So did my DVD player
One of my clients owes me $300 and is dodging my emails

Things that are making me happy right now
Rome Girl
Got an awesome blow job yesterday
I have a lot of work next week which will keep me from spending too much money
My cat sleeping next to sleeping Rome Girl
My Nintendo Wii with Zelda
That I was able to do a trip to a new country on my own without a single panic attack for the first time in years
That I'm finding being broke simply annoying and it's not giving me panic attacks. I feel like this is progress
Hearing that people missed me while I was gone. I was sorta worried no one would notice
The fact that my happy list is longer than my annoyed list

Crazy Dream

I bet my shrink has fun with this one.

I dreamed last night that I was back at my old newspaper and they assigned me to interview Britney. The deal was I had to talk to her at her place and then follow her to a radio station where she was going to take questions from the public.

Anyway while I'm interviewing her she tells me that she's friends with Amy Winehouse and that Winehouse is really a hermaphrodite. I tell her I don't believe her so she calls up Winehouse who comes over.

All of us are soon drinking screwdrivers and doing lines of coke and then Britney dares Winehouse to prove she's a hermaphrodite. She drops her pants and shows me she has both a dick and a vagina.

The dream then gets a little bit muddy, but soon I'm back in the newsroom at a meeting with my bosses and I tell them that our lead should be that Winehouse has a dick.

The editors tell me that they consider that private information and then start screaming at me "What the fuck is your problem. All we want to know is does she still love Timberlake?"

Then I woke up.

What Happens Now?

So, Romney wins Nevada and with 31.48% of the precincts reporting Hillary is at 50.17% and OBAMA is at 44.39%.

I think that means we are looking at the second win in a row for "If You Want Bill Vote For Hill!"

So what now, my fellow democrats?

I know a lot of you want Obama. I respect that.

But, here's the thing. In general the party that gets it shit together earlier in the nomination process wins the White House.

And, for once the Republicans are fucked. Because they haven't had anyone win two primaries in a row and Rudy of all people is, based on polls (though I agree polls have been fucked this time around) seems poised to take Florida.

So, if we dems can get around a single candidate now we can build up money for the general campaign and get organized. Or, we can fight it out bruising our own party.

I know you Obama supporters think Hillary can't win. I get that. Against a well organized GOP machine I think you may be right.

But this time around I think the republicans are going to fuck themselves up. And I think we need to get behind a single candidate.

And, I'm sorry to say that momentum wise Hillary seems to be it - because face it she's going to take New York and New Jersey. That plus her superdelegates plus two wins in a row means that unless Obama can carry every Southern State we either end up in a long protracted delegate fight or a brokered convention.

That said, if you really think Hillary can't win and Obama can, obviously you should vote for Obama.